Hi, we have an issue where our build server is building our Unity project using the commandline and getting a crash in some Spine-related code. We've had other issues recently with Spine not importing atlases correctly, which seemed to have been fixed by pull request 473 in the github repository, but we are now hitting this issue instead.

This is the crash log:
Receiving unhandled NULL exception
Launching bug reporter
Obtained 49 stack frames.
#0 0x0000010128fa78 in ShaderLab::Program::GetMatchingSubProgram(Shader*, ShaderLab::Pass*, ShaderKeywordSet const&, ShaderKeywordSet&, ShaderSnippetResult&)
#1 0x0000010128d908 in ShaderLab::Pass::ComputePassValuesHash(ShaderKeywordSet const&, ShaderLab::PropertySheet const*, ShaderLab::ShaderPassContext const&, Shader*)
#2 0x0000010118071a in Unity::Material::UpdateHashes()
#3 0x000001011802d0 in Unity::Material::BuildProperties()
#4 0x00000101183f22 in Unity::Material::GetTexture(ShaderLab::FastPropertyName)
#5 0x00000101c39279 in Material_CUSTOM_GetTexture(ReadOnlyScriptingObjectOfType<Unity::Material>, int)
#6 0x0000010aa3f77a in (wrapper managed-to-native) UnityEngine.Material:GetTexture (int) + 0xfa (0x10aa3f680 0x10aa3f7a9) [0x1154a3330 - Unity Child Domain]
#7 0x0000010aa3f63a in UnityEngine.Material:GetTexture (string) + 0x7a (0x10aa3f5c0 0x10aa3f66b) [0x1154a3330 - Unity Child Domain]
#8 0x0000010aa4ad37 in UnityEngine.Material:get_mainTexture () + 0x57 (0x10aa4ace0 0x10aa4ad68) [0x1154a3330 - Unity Child Domain]
#9 0x0000010aa4a1d9 in MaterialsTextureLoader:Load (Spine.AtlasPage,string) + 0x159 (0x10aa4a080 0x10aa4a550) [0x1154a3330 - Unity Child Domain]
#10 0x0000010aa48758 in Spine.Atlas:Load (System.IO.TextReader,string,Spine.TextureLoader) + 0x838 (0x10aa47f20 0x10aa4948c) [0x1154a3330 - Unity Child Domain]
#11 0x0000010aa47e86 in Spine.Atlas:.ctor (System.IO.TextReader,string,Spine.TextureLoader) + 0x126 (0x10aa47d60 0x10aa47eaa) [0x1154a3330 - Unity Child Domain]
#12 0x0000010aa4784a in AtlasAsset:GetAtlas () + 0x34a (0x10aa47500 0x10aa47b67) [0x1154a3330 - Unity Child Domain]
#13 0x0000010aa46b21 in SkeletonDataAsset:GetSkeletonData (bool) + 0x4d1 (0x10aa46650 0x10aa47436) [0x1154a3330 - Unity Child Domain]
#14 0x0000010aa462f6 in SkeletonDataAssetInspector:OnEnable () + 0x546 (0x10aa45db0 0x10aa4638f) [0x1154a3330 - Unity Child Domain]
Any idea what could be causing this? I'm going to be investigating this more so I'll post more details if I get them, but I wanted to see if this is something that has a known fix because it's a blocking issue for us.


-- 22 Oct 2015 8:23 am --

As an experiment I tried removing the "noGraphics" parameter from our commandline build and this issue seemed to clear up. I've had a couple of successful builds now so hopefully it's a stable fix. I'm still curious though why Spine has this issue and it's maybe something that should still be addressed. Our current build servers have gpus but it would be nice to still have the option of running the build on a graphics-less server.
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