Is there a way to export a multi skeleton file as a single JSON and a single atlas? Currently I know we can export multiple JSONs with the same atlas path, but I don't see a way to condense it further. I could do it manually, but that seems extremely tedious to do every export. I recall something like "linked skeletons" was a feature that was supposed to come out to handle this? Did that ever get implemented and does/would it work in this way?
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There is not a way for the editor to combine skeleton data files, sorry. The skeleton attachment feature that has not been released would also not combine multiple skeleton data files into one.

You could write a shell script, for example this is a bash script:
The result:

Or you could use existing formats that can store multiple files, eg ZIP, which would also work for binary. Deflate compression (used by ZIP) works well on both JSON and binary.

Or, for each binary file you could write a length, then the data.

If you are using spine-ts, the skeleton data, atlas, and image files can be embedded in the HTML using data URIs.

Note using JSON is not suggested for most use cases:
Export - Spine User Guide: JSON
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