Mitch, somewhat directed at you ;)

I'm trying to figure out how you would turn the below Mecanim into non Mecanim since it seems like you can do quite a bit more with the runtime. One thing I'm not understanding is how to turn the above transitions into more update loop / spine animation component style and if that would be beneficial.

The reason for change is I'm having a hard time blending animations and so far have had to force our animators to create things like Idle 1h, Idle 2h, Walk 1h, Walk 2h, where the entire idle animation is in every animation.

If we changed to try to do blending with Spine Animation would this benefit us a lot and cut down on our development time? The animator would instead have to learn not to animate say.. arm bones in the idle animation and instead only create a new animation that ONLY animates the arms if that was the only difference between 1h and 2h equipping right?

Sorry for the long winded, but im just not seeing how to do this easy transitions idea in non-mecanim fashion in a huge messy update loop. Mecanim makes it easy by simply not allowing things to happen based on what state you're currently in... so if the player hits the attack button but is Climbing for example, I can set the transition from Any State > Attacks to simply require NOT Climbing.

After all this mess of text.. would you suggest Hitman or Gunman or would either fit the needs of all of this complexity?

What isn't shown is that we also have stuff like weak 1h attack 1/2/3 like chains that need to go to 2 if at 1 and if at 3 go to 2 which is all very easy to do with mecanim.. but not in a coding mess.

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