SuperSpine Noob here. So please forgive the basic"ness" of my question.

But I have a character that I have created and cut up /meshed in Spine.
I started to add my bones - Creating a new root bone and then created hips - chest- arms, etc.

When I got to the end and its all rigged. I noticed I didn't have my hips bones connected to the hip image.
How do I connect the existing hip bone (that isn't associated with any image) and all of it's child bones to the hip image (The one I missed?)

If that makes sense?

Currently, I have no idea how to connect a image to a existing bone besides undoing and starting all over again. Which is insane and I know there has to be a easier way.

Please help
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Bones are not connected to images (the official term for "images" in the viewport is either a region attachment or mesh attachment). Instead, the region or mesh attachment is parented to a slot and the slot is parented to a bone. See here:
Bones - Spine User Guide
And also the next 2 pages in the user guide:
Slots - Spine User Guide
Images - Spine User Guide

It sounds like you need to click the slot for the hip attachment, click Set Parent, then click the hip bone.
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