Hello All,

I am seeking some assistance on getting a particular bone part to always face the player for aiming purposes.

I've been trying at this all week and I found some pages with almost similar topics but it didn't help.

With normal game objects I am able to use "transform.LookAt (target)"

with Spine.Bone data I am unable to use this method and I've been looking for assistance on getting the 2D Z axis to rotate to always face the player.

Any Assistance would be GREAT thank you.
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I think the easiest way would be to use IK in Spine, then use SkeletonUtility to control the IK target position using a Unity Transform.
See Mitch's Spine-Unity features videos on how to use SkeletonUtility.

Also, not saying you need to buy it. But Mitch's Gunman asset pack implements this explicitly, and the Spine project that comes with it is set up like a professional 3D game model rig.
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