A few weeks ago, I got hoykey issue after using beta version and changing to newest stable version.

Invalid action: New Physics Constraint
Invalid action: Physics Constraint - Edit Physics
Invalid action: Edit Physics - Modify
Invalid action: Edit Physics - Create
Invalid action: Edit Physics - Delete

I managed to get rid of that message by manually deleting them in hotkey file.
But that got me curious and I looked up the physics constraint on forum and found out new constraints are under development and planning to be released on 4.1 beta.

Today I got 4.1 stable build and saw the physics constraint hotkeys in the change log, but they doesn't seem inculded.

I'm not complaining about that, I was just too excited to hear that they are coming to Spine. I am a former 3D animator and I'm really looking forward to create rigs more similar to ones I used to work with or more complex and flexible rigs as After Effect scripts or Toon Boom Harmony's.

So it's like waiting favorite movie's sequel to come out for years to me.
Is there any updates or new plans that Esoteric can share?

btw, this never bothered me, but I was always curious about this. Why is my launcher so blurry?

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Try reinstalling the launcher by redownloading it from your license page to get rid of the blurryness! (and get all the new export options!)

Regaring the new constraint, it was in development, but we paused it to focus on the new export option and quality of life improvements that got released with 4.1, it will still be a while before we can play with physics in the editor and they didn't make it in the 4.1 release, but yes they are planned!
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