Hello everybody,

I was searching for almost an hour and I found nothing about when will Pixi JS will be able to use data from Spine version 4 … It's a pitty that all the nice features are worthless for developing with Pixi JS … 

I'm working as an motion artist and I'm always dissapointed to work with an developer who's using Pixi JS … 

Does anybody know something about the progress of compatibility?

Thanks in advance and cheers
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I'm not sure. I don't see a PIXI branch with 4.0 support:
You could create an issue there. It may be as simple as replacing the 3.8 Spine Runtimes files in that pixi-spine library with the 4.0 files.


The author of pixi-spine says he is adding Spine 4.0 support to PIXI v6:
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