Is it possible to roll back to v3.8 from v4. I have upgraded to v4 but our server side does not support v4 .json file at the moment.

Yes you can export as v3.8 but it gives warnings... Would prefer to go back to 3.8 until out runtime env supports v4

Any suggestions appreciated

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You can roll back your Spine project to v3.8 from v4, but as you wrote, warning dialogue will pop up when you export your project as v3.8. It depends on your project whether the roll back would lose lots of information or not. If you are using a lot of features that are not compatible between 3.8 and 4 like separating X/Y axis, it may be hard to roll back completely. If you haven't done a lot of work with v4 yet, you can safely ignore the warning.

I had written about how to rollback in the following topic, so it will help you if you'd like to do that :
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