I'm working on a 2D game which use Spine animations (I'm not using the Mecanim version) and I'm having trouble to sort all my Sprites and Spine animations out. It seems that even if Spine animations exposed the sorting layer and the order in the layer it has no influence when it comes to manage SpriteRender (Spirte) vs MeshRenderer (Spine animation) . If I put a Sprite in a layer in front of the Spine animation layer the Sprite remains behind as long as its z value it's not superior to the spine animation z value. The same goes when they are in the same layer and the Sprite has an higher layer order - it remains behind the Spine animation.

Is that normal, Am'i doing something wrong ?

Thank you
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I use sorting layers all the time and I haven't seen this problem yet.

Are you using any unusual shaders on the materials?
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