Just a PSA:
Unity updated the way they text-serialize numbers in Unity 5.3.
What used to be serializations of badly-rounded floats. 0.1000001 are now rounded to 0.1. I've also seen 0.00999999978 rounded to 0.01. I think that's nice and all.

But I've noticed that SkeletonDataAsset's scale field in particular (used in scaling the JSON import) can be prone to incorrect rounding.
For example, if you set your scale to 0.0115, it can be incorrectly rounded to 0.01.
If you set it back to your old value though, it then seems to serialize correctly (to 0.0115).

I assume binary serialization is untouched. Could be wrong.
Just watch out. I personally categorize this as a bug.
Do help report this bug to Unity if you encounter it anywhere else.
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