Hi there, I'm experiencing issues using the RenderExistingMesh component and the SkeletonRenderSeperator component on the same Skeleton.

I'm using the RenderExistingMesh component on a child object to make an outline around my skeleton. This works great and follows the animations perfectly, EXCEPT when I enable the SkeletonRenderSeperator component that is sometimes disabled and sometimes enabled on my skeleton. When it's enabled, the outline no longer matches the skeleton and just freezes where it last was when I enabled the SkeletonRenderSeperator component.

Am I missing some setup steps?
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Please note that the RenderExistingMesh example component is just a rather simple example component. It just renders the mesh of an existing MeshRenderer again using a different material. If you are now using SkeletonRenderSeparator, you are effectively splitting a single skeleton into two or more GameObjects with a separate MeshRenderer each (and a SkeletonPartsRenderer), and disable the MeshRenderer of the GameObject.

So you need to programmatically add one RenderExistingMesh component GameObject for each SkeletonPartsRenderer to draw the whole separated mesh.
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