Hi everyone, I recently got a job as an animator and I have to work with an inexperienced Game Des. Since I'm new in this industry as well so I need some help with the workflow, cooperation, and the working process between Animator, Game Des, Artist, and Game Dev. All information will be very helpful for us so thank you in advance!
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Hmmm, your question may be too broad to answer well, but perhaps you may want to read the following book:
It mainly explains the animation of 3D characters, however, as far as I know, it is the most detailed book on game development workflow and what roles animators will be working with. This is well worth purchasing and reading even for 2D animators.

For free documentation, you may find "Get started with prototyping" on Unity Learn useful:
The content assumes that you will be using Unity, so there may be a little extra knowledge mixed in if your project does not use Unity, but it will be helpful in terms of just how to plan when you start developing a game.

I hope these will help you.
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