i have 2 questions:

1 - if in one scene i animated something and i forgot to create a "new animation" on the Tree view, can i create a new animation with the already animated bones?

2 - lets say i have animated a "walk cycle" in one spine scene/project
attack on another spine scene/project

Can i merge those 2 scenes together into a single one and if yes, what should i pay attention to?

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1. If I understood correctly, you need to have another animation with same moves like this previous to let you add something. To get this, just click "Duplicate" icon which you can find in the down right corner after click on the animation which you want to duplicate. When you do this, you will have second animation with same moves, bones etc and you will be able to change something on it.

2. I am not so sure but I am afraid you cant. You can take images from imported skeleton (for example if you import JSON to the spine) but not skeletor or animation. You may see all imported/created skeletons separated in the one project but you cant merge the. If I'm wrong, correct me please.
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