I'm trying to make an isometric game and I'm finding myself stuck with getting the correct draw order for my spine animations/skeletons.

I was able to use the depth buffer to get my sprites which use CCSprite to be drawn correctly by adding this code to the appDelegate.cpp:


(Also, when I say drawn correctly, I mean that if the sprite was behind a wall created in Tiled with cc_vertexz set at automatic; having it's Y-position greater than the wall's Y-position, the wall would be drawn over the sprite. Apologies for the run-sentence. See http://www.cocos2d-x.org/projects/cocos ... ki/TileMap for more info. )

However, when I am using spine animation/skeletons, they are always being drawn on top of walls even if their Y-position is higher than the wall. Is there any way to make the spine animation/skeleton work with the depth buffer much like a regular CCSprite does? Is there a way to make the sprites attached to the skeleton work with depth buffer?

Thanks for your time!
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spine-cocos2dx uses a CCTextureAtlas to render. I'm not familiar enough with cocos2d-x to know how it works with the depth buffer. You should be able to modify things to work like you want relatively easily. Don't be afraid to jump into CCSkeleton.
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