There are two spine animation project files A and B, and they contain animation1 and animation2 respectively.
Now insert B as a component into the slot of A, and export it as a source file for use in unity.
So in unity, can you control B to play the specified animation like controlling A to play animation1 or animation2?
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I assume that you have "attached" skeleton B to skeleton A by using a BoneFollower component and letting it follow a certain bone, as skeletons can't be attached to slots in the spine-unity runtime (SkeletonAttachment is not a supported feature of spine-unity).

Do you mean that you have exported two skeletons A and B separately, and you would now like to play animations on both A and B in sync? If so, we would recommend to let your animations be of the exact same length on A and B and just issue the same AnimationState.SetAnimation calls on both skeletons. Or did you mean something else?
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