Just wanted to point out a small issue I found this morning!

When using the latest photoshop to spine script to [merge] folders, I notice an issue when layers are merged that have a clipping mask on a stroked shape.

In Photoshop, I have a [merge] folder that has a shape path with a stroke and a fill, then a layer above it that clips to the shape. It only clips to the fill here.


When I use Photoshop to merge the folder, it merges as expected.


But when I run the script to export the clipping mask clips to the entire shape, including the stroke, and I get a different result.


I can always just merge the folder for now, but hopefully this can be fixed in a future update! :D


Even more interesting, I tried duplicating the shape layer, turning the fill to 0%, and putting it on top of everything else to avoid merging my layers, and it still gave the same result.

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Could you post your PSD shown in the screenshots? That'd let us quickly get to work!
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