导入UNITY后 spine动画 带透明度变化的动画都没了 插槽都变成一直实体了 是什么原因?
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恐怕我们需要更多信息才能提供帮助。 您执行了哪些在 Unity 中没有正确完成的透明度更改? 您能否分享一些在 Spine 编辑器和 Unity 中显示您的问题的屏幕截图?

您使用的是哪个版本的 Spine 编辑器和哪个版本的 spin-unity 运行时(unitypackage 的名称,也在 Assets/Spine/version.txt 中列出)?
I'm afraid we need more information to be able to help. What kind of transparency changes did you perform that did not end up correctly in Unity? Could you share some screenshots that show your problem, in both the Spine Editor and in Unity?

Which version of the Spine Editor and which version of the spine-unity runtime (name of the unitypackage, also listed in Assets/Spine/version.txt) are you using?
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