There is a proposal to replace RawImage with HitBox in SkeletonGraphic. It is not advisable to use RawImage to catch input events.

And fix on line 651.
// TODO: There is no need to do this. In the first frame, RawImage manages to render white square and looks like a bug.
// rawImages[i].Rebuild(CanvasUpdate.PreRender);
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Thanks for reporting and for providing the source code up front! IIRC the RawImages were not only introduced for receiving input events, but also because the additional CanvasRenderers refused to render without any Graphic component. Anyway, the saved overhead compared to using RawImage is very much appreciated. We will integrate the improvement on the 4.0-beta branch.

I have created an issue ticket here:
We will let you know once the feature is integrated.


Sorry for the long delay!

We have just included your proposed bugfix and RawImage replacement on the 4.0-beta branch. The custom component ended up being called SkeletonSubmeshGraphic (instead of HitBox).

A new 4.0-beta unitypackage is available for download here as usual:
Spine Unity Download: Download
Thanks again for reporting and providing the code!
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