Spine Changelog

Below you will find notes on the changes from one release to the next. For a higher level view of what we have planned for the future, please see our roadmap.

4.0 Releases

23 Jul 2021

  • Fix invalid bones in transform constraints on project load.
  • Fixed rare crash when minimizing a view.
  • Fixed crash when export image size would be zero.
  • Allow smaller image and video export scale.
  • Fixed transparency for video exports.

23 Jul 2021

  • Fixed MOV export for JPEG/RLE/TSCC codecs in some cases.
  • Fixed rare crash in file dialog.
  • Faster project saving (60%+ faster for extremely large projects).
  • Fixed tree draw order key button turning orange after dragging a slot briefly.

22 Jul 2021

  • Fixed loading very old projects with flip timelines.
  • Fixed memory not being released between project loads in some cases.
  • Fixed setting keys for many timelines taking a long time for very large projects.

21 Jul 2021

  • Fixed opening older projects which contain a timeline with no keys.
  • Fixed opening older projects with errors in selection groups.
  • Fixed binary import data with a scale != 1.
  • Fixed flash of loading images in some cases: undo, changing animation during playback, etc.

18 Jul 2021

  • Fixed rare crash when using undo while attachment preview is showing.
  • Fixed crash on Linux when clicking to open a file.
  • Fixed editor not running on Linux with old GCC.
  • Improved CLI error messages when failing to read a JSON or binary file.
  • Launcher update (4.0.44): Fixed Linux crashes.

17 Jul 2021

  • Fixed clean up deleting Bezier keys with the same value when the handles make a curve.
  • Fixed holding shift with the bone rotate tool.
  • Launcher update (4.0.43): Don't show "Latest beta" if there's currently no beta in progress, fixed rare error overwriting update file.

15 Jul 2021

  • Fixed orange line in graph between first and last when they have the same value and repeat is enabled.
  • Fixed graph Hide rows when the dopesheet is not synced.
  • Detect project problems with bones and slots.
  • Fix up invalid separate bones and slots on project load.
  • Fixed rare crash changing selection after deleting an object.
  • Fixed crash deleting an attachment while the tree preview is open.
  • Fixed position of bones when using Import Data, Import into an existing skeleton.

10 Jul 2021

  • Show toast if project automatic backup could not be saved.
  • More warnings when opening projects.
  • Prevent saving projects that contain errors.
  • Fixed pasting separate color keys to combined slot.
  • Fixed animation separate bone and slot references on project open.
  • Fixed selection group references on project open.
  • Preserve image size when changing between a mesh and region and the image file is not found.
  • Fixed crash using select all on graph handles when keys without handles are visible.

8 Jul 2021

  • Fixed rotate tool sometimes jumping by 360 degrees.
  • Show gray file extensions on file dialogs.
  • Remove a recent path if it takes too long to verify it exists.
  • Fixed color timelines not being duplicated when a slot is duplicated.

2 Jul 2021

  • Fixed CLI crash.
  • Fixed dialogs not appearing when interface animations are disabled.
  • Right click Save Project As in main menu to open OS file dialog.
  • Right click save button in titlebar to open save as dialog.
  • Fixed Import Project when a slot has been moved to a different bone.

1 Jul 2021

  • Smoother zoom and zoom to fit.
  • Fixed being prompted to update to 4.0 each time Spine is run.

1 Jul 2021

  • Remove timelines that have the wrong bone on project load.
  • Reset origin when double clicking a vertex with ctrl.
  • Fixed scaling multiple box selections in the dopesheet.

30 Jun 2021

  • Fixed crash opening new project while in edit mesh mode.
  • Enabled anisotropic filtering by default.
  • Fixed not being able to drop files on welcome screen.
  • Improved drag to select for low frame rates.
  • Fixed flicker when multiple dialogs are shown.
  • Fixed dopesheet not updating after renaming some items.
  • Fixed rare crash with path constraint proportional spacing.
  • Remove duplicate timelines in old projects on load.
  • Fixed loading images appearing in image or video exports when writing to a skeleton's images folder.
  • Improved file watching.
  • Improved dragging multiple keys on non-integer frames in the dopesheet and graph.
  • Launcher update (4.0.40): allow cancelling auto start when specifying a CLI version, improved error messages, CLI exports make a server request to get latest patch versions when a major.minor.xx version is specified.

28 Jun 2021

  • If no output path is given for CLI JSON and binary, use the input folder.
  • Added a warning icon on the export dialog when smoothing is used and anisotropic filtering is not enabled.
  • Mesh edit mode create tool, fixed dragging edge from vertex while holding shift.
  • Mesh edit mode, fixed middle mouse button.
  • Fixed skeleton pose when changing animation visibility.
  • Improved mouse scrollwheel over the timeline for long animations.
  • Fixed losing draw order keys that key the setup pose when creating or deleting a slot.
  • Right click tree annotation to select it without scrolling.
  • Slower timeline mouse scrollwheel speed.
  • Disallow OS file drag and drop when a modal dialog is open.
  • Improved bone scale tool nudge.
  • Graph value mode doesn't affect other side of neighboring keys with separated handles.
  • Fixed key button staying orange in rare cases.
  • Fixed "Hide viewport skin bones" not updating the graph, dopesheet, or bones for the current frame.
  • Improved dopesheet and graph performance.
  • Improved mouse and keyboard input at low frame rates.
  • Keep tree selection after dragging multiple tree nodes.
  • Fixed crash setting an image file's parent.

22 Jun 2021

  • Highlight slots in the draw order for selected attachments.
  • Fixed handles on the other side of the next key changing when setting a Bezier curve.
  • Added curve buttons to dopesheet.
  • Greatly reduced memory usage when opening multiple projects.

19 Jun 2021

  • Fixed sorting of fields in saved export and texture packer settings JSON.
  • Fixed being unable to scroll or zoom the graph when the dopesheet has Current active.
  • Fixed viewport zoom to fit when bones are hidden.
  • Fixed export warning dialog showing when Warnings is unchecked.
  • Fixed data exports changing Bezier curves to stepped when the values are the same but the handles are not flat.
  • Show key offset frame number above key being dragged, not where the mouse is.
  • Fixed texture packing with debug from the CLI.
  • Fixed texture packing polygons losing 1px at the edge of regions.
  • Fixed CLI texture packing not removing previously packed atlas files.
  • Fixed texture packing duplicate padding not being done when packing polygons and a mesh uses all pixels in the region.
  • Fixed color keys in very old projects resetting alpha to 0.

16 Jun 2021

  • Fixed key offset remembering properties that are no longer visible.
  • Fixed crash when an image file is deleted while dragging it in Spine.
  • Fixed crash when using Disable Constraints hotkey.
  • Fixed a few rare crashes.
  • Fixed error showing editor window on Linux.
  • Fixed crash for CLI texture packing with projects.

15 Jun 2021

  • Fixed pose tool not rotating smoothly.
  • Fixed adjusting constraint order when there are two constraints.
  • Fixed selecting bones with the Create tool.
  • Fixed duplicating deform keys when a bone is duplicated.
  • Fixed texture packer alias treating certain differing images as identical.
  • Fixed polygon packing failing to combine meshes for the same image in rare cases.
  • Fixed texture packer aliasing images that have been whitespace stripped too small.
  • Hotkeys to show the graph, dopesheet, and tree also focus the view that is shown.
  • When repeat is on, auto Bezier and default Bezier curves use flat handles for the first and last keys.
  • Fixed auto Bezier for the last key.
  • Fixed zooming graph when graph rows are hidden.
  • Improved snapping using shift while creating a mesh edge.
  • Fixed loading stepped keys in JSON data.
  • Launcher update (4.0.38): improved version selection, can choose a major.minor version to get the latest patch version.

3 Jun 2021

  • Fixed constraints reverting the changes made by other constraints in some cases.
  • Dopesheet row panning can start in the row area.
  • The tree, graph rows, select boxes, etc can be panned using right mouse drag.
  • Right click a graph dot to toggle.
  • Moved Auto Key button to main toolbar.
  • Improved preview view at small sizes.
  • Renamed "Latest" version to "Latest stable".
  • Added a viewport warning icon for surprising settings.
  • Select all vertices with ctrl+A if one is already selected.
  • Select root bone automatically for Create tool when there is a single skeleton.
  • Fixed settings dialog not resetting some settings to their defaults.
  • Fixed export for a project with one inactive animation.
  • Fixed auto key for translation when scale is separated.

7 May 2021

  • Better CLI error messages if specifying pack settings for export and vice versa.
  • When packing to a single atlas as part of data export, use the project name even if there is only one skeleton.
  • Allow choosing atlas per skeleton or a single atlas when there is one skeleton.
  • Improved dopesheet panning using the right mouse button.
  • Fixed pan momentum not being applied.
  • For image and video export, allow fractional values for crop X/Y.
  • Fixed crash for CLI export when the input is a data file and the export is data + packing.
  • Improved bone rendering when very thin.
  • Fixed skins not being visible when exporting the current pose as an image.
  • Set all versions in JSON when exporting to older JSON versions.
  • Timeline buttons and hotkeys for changing the timeline position don't affect the scroll position unless Current is active in the dopesheet.

15 Apr 2021

  • Fixed incorrect texture packer warnings that a mesh doesn't match its image.
  • Fixed texture packer warnings printed twice.
  • Fixed previewing attachments during playback by hovering in the tree.
  • Fixed outline view for 200 interface scale.
  • Fixed weights pie sizes for 200 interface scale.
  • Fixed weights view bone list not showing percentage when bone names are long.
  • Fixed auto weights failing when a zero length bone is on top of another bone.
  • Fixed origin for transform tools at 200 interface scale.
  • Allow pose tool to rotate bones other than the deepest bone in the hierarchy.
  • Added outline view setting to hide ghosting.
  • Added color property to skins.
  • Right click tree auto scroll button to scroll to selected nodes.
  • Disable browse button for image and audio path when invalid.
  • Fixed path constraint timelines for 3.8 legacy JSON export.

8 Apr 2021

  • Improved Color hotkey.
  • Allow ctrl+shift to duplicate a key whike key Shift is active.
  • Fixed data import when in animate mode.
  • Only show the clipping start/stop annotations for tree draw order for visible clipping attachments.
  • Fixed clipping start/stop annotations for tree draw order after changing the end slot.
  • Improved selecting a skin in the tree when Show all skin attachments is enabled.
  • Indent checkboxes on the new skin placeholder dialog.
  • If an attachment has a skin warning, the vertices are invalid even when "Hide viewport skin bones" is unchecked.
  • Show tree annotations for inactive skin constraints when "Hide skin bones and constraints" is unchecked.
  • Prevent dragging constraints to skin constraints to change constraint order.
  • Fixed IK constraint Stretch for two bone IK when the child bone local Y is != 0.
  • Allow Uniform for two bone IK.
  • Fixed graph not showing correct properties for one bone IK.
  • When creating an IK constraint, clicking a constrained bone creates the target at the tip of that bone, so the constrained bones don't move.
  • Fixed event audio path not appearing if first shown in animate mode.
  • For audio view, draw selected audio event waveform on top, dim others.
  • Added Disable Constraints hotkey.
  • Fixed the ghosting selection button not turning blue.
  • Fixed exporting skeletons that aren't visible.
  • Hide view menu when switching between setup/animate mode.
  • Fixed clipping tree annotations being out of sync with the active animation.
  • Hide constraint edit buttons in animate mode.
  • Allow bone over color in pick modes.
  • Launcher update (4.0.36): fixed blurry bones on launcher screen, fixed click to cancel auto start.

22 Mar 2021

  • Fixed meshes not appearing in Edit Mesh mode with Deformed unchecked.
  • Holding alt when adjusting bone length will move the child bones.
  • Fixed slot separate RGB and alpha key buttons showing the wrong state.
  • Increased dopesheet zoom button spacing slightly.

19 Mar 2021

  • Fixed being able to select two Edit Mesh buttons at once.
  • Allow ctrl+shift+drag to copy keys while graph key offset is active.
  • Don't draw orange first/last key lines when key offset is active.
  • Fixed crash manipulating handles of keys that have some properties without handles.
  • Fixed first/last handles being separated in some cases.
  • Launcher update (4.0.34): fixed "Other..." not being translated.

18 Mar 2021

  • Requires launcher 4.0.33.
  • Store preview mix across app runs (for track 0).
  • Fixed orange line connecting first and last keys for looping animations.
  • Updated Spanish translations.
  • Graph frame selection now works when only handles are selected.
  • Fixed graph frame of selected keys for interface scale > 1.
  • Fixed some positions being off by 1px for interface scale > 1.
  • Fixed graph crash when framing some kinds of keys.
  • Allow right click on graph selection.
  • Launcher update (4.0.33): fixed crash on macOS.

17 Mar 2021

  • Fixed crash on macOS.
  • Launcher update (4.0.31): fixed all Turkish translations being missing.

16 Mar 2021

  • Added older versions to JSON export, back to 3.5 (data may be lost).
  • Improved graph curve colors.
  • Fixed graph favor tool moving keys out of range.
  • Fixed cancelling a color dialog removing the last undo state.
  • Fixed RGBA and RGB keys after enabling tint black on a slot.
  • Updated translations for most languages.

15 Mar 2021

  • Improved graph Frame when > 1 key is selected.
  • Allow alt+drag in graph when over a key.
  • Fixed export preview causing loading images in image/video exports in some cases.
  • Fixed bugs with APNG export, made it faster, and reduced APNG file sizes.
  • Improved the Pose tool for rotation > 360 degrees.

14 Mar 2021

  • Graph Frame button now frames the selected keys.
  • CLI texture packing now uses the faster headless mode.
  • Added shortcuts for the --export/-e CLI parameter: json, json+pack, binary, binary+pack.
  • Fixed APNG export when frames are identical.
  • Allow texture unpacking in the trial.
  • Keep start/end graph key values in sync when repeat is enabled.
  • Updated translations: French.

13 Mar 2021

  • Use linear for texture packer defaults.
  • Fixed box scaling graph keys sometimes using the wrong values.
  • Highlight World axes button when the rotation text box has focus in animate mode (world axes don't allow > 360 degrees).
  • Show graph start/end Bezier handles with repeat when start/end values are the same, even if other curves for the same key don't have the same start/end values.
  • Fixed moving two slots in the draw order in some cases.
  • Store the timeline position in undo states that set key values.
  • Show file version numbers when possible if reading a skeleton data fails.
  • If deleting an active animation, make another animation active to avoid confusion.
  • Improved dash graph lines slightly.
  • Fixed draw order keys changed when dragging an attachment to a bone.
  • Launcher update (4.0.30): fixes opening projects via macOS Finder for 3.8.99 and earlier editor versions.

9 Mar 2021

  • Fixed texture atlas regions being off by the amount of padding.

9 Mar 2021

  • Fixed image reloading failing occasionally.
  • Fixed polygon packing for some region placements.

8 Mar 2021

  • Fixed path constraints from old projects having a Y mix of 1.
  • Fixed select getting unchecked in some cases when selecting multiple bones.
  • Improved texture packing.

6 Mar 2021

  • Fixed texture packing when 3+ meshes use the same image.
  • Fixed texture packing when 2+ meshes use the same image and don't overlap.
  • Improved texture packer polygon debug lines.
  • Unfocus dopesheet text boxes after pressing enter.
  • Fixed toast messages flickering when rulers are shown or hidden.
  • Show a dialog about needing to restart after resetting hotkeys to defaults.
  • Don't show graph crosshair for handles.
  • Disallow pasting a separate key to a combined bone.
  • Allow pasting a combined key to a separate bone as two keys.
  • Added a "New Point" hotkey.
  • If a color dialog is cancelled, revert any keys set by auto key.
  • Clicking an attachment when attachment selection is disabled no longer selects a bone with select unchecked.
  • Fixed interface scale changing to 1 after CLI export.
  • Fixed favor hotkeys using the wrong frame if the graph is not visible.

5 Mar 2021

  • Fixed crash zooming out in the Audio view with very short audio files.
  • Fixed arrow key nudge in mesh edit mode.
  • Write the atlas scale in the atlas file.
  • Texture packing is faster and more memory efficient.
  • Fixed polygon packing with 1 padding.
  • Texture packing no longer adds a 1px border to whitespace stripped regions when duplicate padding is used.
  • Fixed texture packing cutting off regions when scale is used.

1 Mar 2021

  • Fixed size of favorite buttons on recent files dialogs.
  • Fixed previously exported atlas images not being removed when doing another export.
  • Use underscore for atlas image names.
  • Fixed rotation nudge clamping to 0-360 in animate mode.
  • Fixed dopesheet double click to delete a key when key offset is active.
  • Fixed key offset with 2 keys.
  • Reset key offset if a key is set.
  • Allow zooming out farther in the graph and dopesheet.
  • Improved the viewport zooming speed based on zoom level.
  • Fixed some graph drawing artifacts.
  • Fixed the texture packer when the scale is not 1.

28 Feb 2021

  • Fixed texture packer not deleting the first export image when exporting subsequent times.
  • Fixed texture packing 3+ meshes using the same image.
  • Give more room to recent/examples on the welcome screen.
  • Remember checkboxes on mesh edit dialog.
  • Fixed rare crash when starting graph key drag.
  • Fixed crash clicking Bezier in the graph when IK keys are selected.
  • Improved behavior when Bezier is clicked and the selected keys are already Bezier.
  • Fixed crash storing image or audio files in a selection group.
  • Fixed a crash after clicking "Defaults" on the settings dialog.
  • Fixed crash when the Audio view shows a very complex waveform.

25 Feb 2021

  • Fixed edit mesh in animate mode moving vertices too much.
  • Fixed edit clipping, bounding box, and path in animate mode not changing the setup pose.
  • Launcher update (4.0.27): fixed a dialog.

23 Feb 2021

  • Fixed polygon packing cutting off some polygons.
  • Better cancellation when packing many images.
  • Faster export when using animation clean up with many animations.
  • Fixed texture packer not deleting previously exported atlas images.
  • Fixed race condition where tree can show the wrong image files.
  • Launcher update (4.0.26): fixed log out for < v4.0.

22 Feb 2021

  • Improved recovery when memory is low.
  • Free working memory after polygon packing.
  • Launcher update (4.0.25): faster start time, many performance improvements, fixed error when an updated is downloaded in < 1 second, fixed crash when the update file can't be written.
  • Launcher 4.0.25 is required for editor 4.0.55-beta and later versions.

14 Feb 2021

  • Polygon packing is much faster.
  • Adjusted spacing of viewport buttons.
  • Fixed clicking dopesheet rows changing the collapse state.
  • Fixed clicking dopesheet or graph rows scrolling the tree when scrolling is disabled.
  • Fixed key button state when selecting or switching between bones with combined and separate transform properties.
  • Graph frame for percent properties (eg scale) no longer always includes 0% and 100%.
  • Fixed hotkeys files not opening with default file association.
  • Fixed typing hex color not updating the color.
  • Fixed color key state not showing existing keys.
  • Fixed changing slot color creating two undo states.
  • Launcher update (4.0.24): runs on Apple M1 hardware, much faster start time on Windows.

7 Jan 2021

  • Fixed crash restoring the tree selection after some actions.
  • Fixed background color settings remaining visible when opening a color dialog.
  • Fixed new bone using translated bone name.
  • Fixed rare crash clicking in the dopesheet.
  • Fixed views changing size by 1px after minimize all.
  • Don't hide a mesh's wireframe on hover.
  • Fixed Import Data with separated translate, scale, shear, or color timelines.

6 Jan 2021

  • Improved performance for projects with many constraints (1000+).
  • Graph auto frame no longer scrolls frame zero off screen.
  • Selection history skips items that can't be selected.
  • Launcher update (4.0.23): greatly reduced start time, added a context menu to log out, fixed a rare startup crash, fixed Windows uninstaller leaving shortcuts.

31 Dec 2020

  • Fixed CLI crash.
  • Added a hotkey to hide Bezier handles except for around the selection.
  • Greatly improved bone rendering quality, especially at small sizes.
  • Changed the bone scale setting: 0 means bones are never enlarged, even when zoomed in all the way.
  • More efficient graph rendering when displaying many curves.
  • Improved viewport name tag rendering for 200 interface scale.
  • Fixed rulers and missing or flickering lines when interface scale != 100.

29 Dec 2020

  • Fixed not being able to create constraints.

28 Dec 2020

  • Fixed crash clicking tree Expand when a skeleton is hidden.
  • Don't scroll ghosting view when dragging a slider.
  • Fixed spacing issues at font sizes other than large.
  • Added hovering a graph key briefly to prioritize snapping to it within the next few seconds.
  • Show world rotation in animate mode as 0 to 360 rather than -180 to 180.
  • When the graph is unlocked, check all selected rows by default.
  • Select keys when setting stepped or linear curves with handles selected.
  • Fixed clicking to scroll or using the mouse wheel on scrollbars.
  • More validity checks for data import.
  • Fixed using Set Parent to create a path, bounding box, or clipping attachment with no vertices.
  • Fixed deleting the slot if empty when canceling creation of a path, bounding box, or clipping attachment.

25 Dec 2020

  • Fixed clipping and bounding box attachments losing their color when duplicated.
  • Moved Sync button from the graph to the dopesheet.
  • Show "key all" dopesheet button button when synced.
  • Use 2 decimal places when showing non-integer timeline positions.
  • Improved playback reset button icons.
  • Improved disabled icons with UI scale > 1.
  • Fixed CJK language names with UI scale > 1.

23 Dec 2020

  • Fixed animation curves after changing the timeline FPS.
  • Fixed outline view when using color management with linear blending.
  • Fixed smoothing when using color management with linear blending.
  • Ignore inapplicable keys when showing selected state for graph Bezier and separate buttons.
  • Fixed auto Bezier when multiple keys are selected.
  • Allow curve presets when keys are not Bezier.
  • When setting keys to Bezier, the initial curve is computed much more intelligently, similar to auto Bezier.
  • Check mesh triangles and edges are valid during data import.
  • Better data import error messages.
  • Fixed crash using mesh edit New in animate mode.

21 Dec 2020

  • Fixed export changing background color when set to solid.
  • Show alpha on background setting color buttons.
  • Added texture packer setting to write using the legacy format.
  • When exporting an image sequence and packing, the world origin is written to the atlas file for each frame.
  • Fixed atlas file handle not being released if packing fails.

21 Dec 2020

  • Added setting for alpha dither type to GIF export.
  • Don't show key presses on hotkey popup for hotkeys that aren't bound by default when using --keys-defaults.
  • Fixed crash using key offset after deleting bones.
  • Updated texture packer format to be more concise and support name/value pairs.
  • Added prompt to export settings reset to defaults button.
  • Fixed next/previous buttons in the graph.

19 Dec 2020

  • Fixed window size and position when initially opened unmaximized.
  • Fixed hex text field on color dialog.
  • Allow Edit Mesh in animate mode so meshes used mid-animation can be edited.
  • Fixed scale tool when a region is scaled negative on one axis.
  • Disallow data import when multiple attachments under the same slot have the same name.
  • Launcher update (4.0.22): additional fix for multimon on Windows.

16 Dec 2020

  • Fixed failing to create the Spine window with some graphics drivers when multiple monitors are connected on Windows.
  • Added a viewport setting for color bleeding to fixed artifacts along image edges when zoomed out.
  • Improved texture packer bleed speed.
  • Improved tree expand and collapse buttons when there is no selection.

14 Dec 2020

  • Added additional key names for hotkeys (F13-24, numpad, etc).
  • Store interpolation for the Playback view per project.
  • Fixed image file sorting.
  • Added image path text field when multiple regions or meshes are selected.
  • Fixed crash using deselect while dragging a graph handle.
  • Fixed rare crash while dragging a view tab.
  • Fixed rare crash with new Skin Placeholder dialog.
  • Fixed welcome screen fonts for SC text when language is set to TC.
  • Added draw order default hotkeys for the numpad.

11 Dec 2020

  • Improved FPS for projects with many attachments and/or constraints.
  • Fixed image and video export for multiple animations when color management is enabled.
  • Slightly faster data export.
  • Fixed data export progress dialog not showing the skeleton name.
  • Fixed texture packing whitespace stripping for meshes.
  • Fast texture packing is now faster.
  • Improved data export progress bar.
  • Fixed crash separating translate, scale, or shear for a bone with no keys.

10 Dec 2020

  • Fixed undo after deleting a bone not restoring the keys.
  • Fixed animation overview keys affecting timelines that are not visible.

9 Dec 2020

  • Fixed JPEG export preview.
  • Fixed the tree, dopesheet, and graph filter hotkeys.
  • Fixed crash with animation clean up.
  • Fixed crash separating RGBA timelines for multiple slots at once.
  • Fixed separate alpha checkbox showing in setup mode.
  • Fixed AVI RAW export when the width is not a multiple of 4.
  • Enabled the alpha channel for AVI encodings RAW and PNG (player support may vary).
  • Fixed a bug with shear timelines not resetting to the setup pose.
  • Fixed shear Y being lost when a bone is duplicated.
  • Fixed slider visuals for ghosting offset, playback speed, and others.
  • Launcher update (4.0.20): fixed possibility of the app window appearing off screen, fixed setting CJK language from < v4 editor.

6 Dec 2020

  • Fixed rare crash when pasting keys.
  • Fixed rare crash using undo after deleting a key.
  • Don't print CLI project import twice.
  • Fixed crash with CLI data import.

5 Dec 2020

  • Even more icon updates.
  • Fixed crash importing via the CLI.
  • Fixed crash with graph selection.
  • Fixed image and video exports being cut off when using color management.
  • Fixed not being able to drag some overview keys.
  • Launcher update (4.0.18): detects language setting changes from < v4 editors, fixed crash when double clicking start with a very low frame rate.

2 Dec 2020

  • Fixed dragging edge of graph box selection.
  • More icon improvements.
  • Fixed bone properties still showing after the bone is deleted.
  • Fixed some rare dopesheet crashes.

28 Nov 2020

  • Fixed crash using ctrl+alt+drag on graph selection box.
  • Fixed crash using graph Swap.
  • Fixed crashes clicking graph toolbar buttons for some key types.
  • Fixed graph handle snapping and ease buttons for deform timelines.
  • Fixed graph favor creating keys for timelines that can't be adjusted.
  • Fixed a rare crash from clicking very fast within a single frame render.
  • Fixed a rare crash when pasting keys.
  • Fixed bugs with graph handles when keys are deleted.

26 Nov 2020

  • Added moving multiple Bezier handles at the same time.
  • Added Bezier handle box select by holding alt or first selecting a handle.
  • Select all (ctrl+A) selects handles if a handle is already selected.
  • Added graph ease buttons.
  • Clicking the Bezier button when a key is already gives an ease in-out curve.
  • Fixed path constraint spacing for zero length bones.
  • Fixed UI layout being off slightly with UI scale 200.
  • 40+ new hotkeys.
  • Tooltips show user customized hotkeys.
  • Fixed tree annotations not showing after text search.
  • Graph favor tool creates keys if there is no selection and no keys on the current frame.
  • Allow overshoot with the graph favor tool.
  • Setting for clicking on empty space in the graph to set the timeline position.
  • Setting for dragging in empty space in the graph to manipulate keys and handles.
  • Fixed pasting separate timeline keys to/from a target that isn't separated.
  • Apply graph auto frame when the view is resized.
  • The Key Rows hotkey selects all keys on the current frame.
  • Adjusted shear tool appearance and reduced hit detection.
  • Favor +/- hotkeys reduce amount as they near 100%.
  • Improved alt+drag handles behavior to separate/unify.
  • Improved many icons.
  • Graph Store stores all curves and only shows the stored curve for the selection.
  • Darker shadow curves.
  • Multiple favor +/- hotkey presses are stored in a single undo state.
  • Added right click on a graph key to select that curve.
  • Fixed crash deselecting during graph box select.

22 Nov 2020

  • Fixed crash with UI scale > 100.

22 Nov 2020

  • Added favor +/- and mode hotkeys.
  • Fixed slot color key buttons not showing the right state.
  • Reorganized dopesheet and graph filters.
  • Fixed RGB timeline JSON export.
  • Color bleed when texture packing uses much less memory.
  • Fixed setup mode hotkeys.
  • Added graph bounce and flat buttons for Bezier handles.

20 Nov 2020

  • Fixed hotkey crashes.
  • Replaced favor icon placeholders.
  • Improved key shown icon.
  • Launcher update (4.0.15): fixed Spine picking up environment variable settings.

20 Nov 2020

  • Fixed crash deleting graph keys or using undo.
  • Reset favor tool when loading a new project.
  • Auto frame if needed when using the favor tool.
  • Added icons for favor modes.
  • Added shadow curves while using the favor tool.
  • Added hide toolbar option to graph view menu.
  • Fixed graph keeping selected keys for curves that are no longer shown.
  • Increased favor slider height to match select box.
  • Added separate hotkey sections for dopesheet and graph.
  • Renamed Key Dopesheet hotkey (ctrl+shift+L) to Key Shown, now works for dopesheet and graph.
  • Renamed Dopesheet Setup Pose (ctrl+shift+J) hotkey to Setup Pose, now works for dopesheet and graph.
  • Added key shown buttons.
  • Added new hotkeys for auto key and graph functions.
  • Launcher update (4.0.14): fixed setting Latest beta changing to Latest on restart, save chosen version if exited without starting the editor.

19 Nov 2020

  • Added many new favor tool modes.
  • Improved easing for graph favor mode.
  • Favor uses graph keys on the current frame if there's no selection.
  • Fixed CLI import scale.
  • Fixed crash restoring a selection group for keys that no longer exist.
  • Fixed next/previous/first/last/select hotkeys to use the graph when it has focus.
  • Fixed setting tint black not changing the dopesheet icon.

18 Nov 2020

  • Added graph favor tools.
  • Fixed the texture unpacker writing PNGs without alpha when a texture region has few colors.
  • Fixed auto key not being applied when the pose tool is used to translate.
  • Fixed graph handle snapping flat line.
  • Allow multi selection for graph handles (but still not multi move).

16 Nov 2020

  • Added separate X and Y sliders for path constraint translate mix.
  • Added a proportional spacing mode to path constraints.
  • Fixed AVI export.
  • Renamed "Dopesheet FPS" to "Timeline FPS".
  • Added a default timeline FPS setting for new projects.
  • Fixed path constraint when a parent bone of the path is scaled.

15 Nov 2020

  • Added separate X and Y sliders for transform constraint translate and scale mix.
  • Fixed transform key buttons not being updated.

14 Nov 2020

  • Fixed crash when selecting multiple slots.
  • Fixed crash loading some projects.

14 Nov 2020

  • Added keying translate, scale, and shear X and Y separately.
  • Added keying RGB separately from alpha.
  • Fixed graph showing incorrect setup values.
  • Replaced mipmaps setting with anisotropic filtering.
  • Auto Key is applied when the button is clicked.
  • Added Weights - Select Bones hotkey.
  • Added Weights view hotkeys to tooltips.
  • Improved slot color buttons.
  • Fixed graph and dopesheet contents after undo/redo changing animation.
  • Always include 0-100 when framing percent values in the graph.
  • Dopesheet select all uses current selection, like the graph.
  • Select all selects everything if the current selection already contains all the keys for the selected timelines.
  • Improved efficiency when there are many keyable tree nodes.
  • Fixed slot color button flickering while scrubbing.
  • Fixed color dialog HSB modes not matching all RGB values.
  • Color buttons show half alpha, half opaque so the color can be seen at low alpha.
  • Improved color button checkered background.
  • Fixed saving a project when a selection group contains a graph key.
  • Setting a selection group focuses the relevant view.
  • Launcher update (4.0.13): respects setting latest beta in < v4.0 editor settings.

9 Nov 2020

  • Fixed shader crash on macOS.
  • Reduced dopesheet and graph box select time.

8 Nov 2020

  • Fixed crash using graph box select Y scale on deform keys.
  • Fixed crash using ctrl + box select on deform keys in the graph.
  • Allow clicking auto Bezier to change the curve type to Bezier.
  • The snap button or shift+alt will snap Bezier handles to flat.

8 Nov 2020

  • Added graph box selection.
  • Revised dopesheet box selection to match the graph: it hides unless you wait a moment after drawing the box.
  • Fixed artifacts at some zoom levels when using mipmapping.
  • Added more smoothing levels (now 0-11) for both the viewport and exports.
  • Export preview uses the mipmap setting.
  • Fixed export preview not working for "current pose" when a skeleton has no animation.
  • Fixed crash deleting a key after dopesheet box select scale.
  • Fixed pasting keys when the viewport has focus.

4 Nov 2020

  • Added setting to use mipmapping for higher quality downscaling.
  • Fixed "Mesh doesn't appear to match image" texture packer warning.
  • Improved display of texture packer log when a warning occurs.
  • Fixed dragging scale text fields on texture packer settings dialog.
  • Fixed polygon packing not writing all the image data.
  • Improved texture packer scaling and added new options: auto and progressive bilinear.
  • More efficient texture packing when downscaling (~20% faster).
  • Graph auto frame is applied when setting keys, but only as necessary.
  • Hold ctrl (cmd on macOS) when clicking a mesh to bind to a bone to stay in bind mode.
  • Added many hotkeys for the Weights view.
  • Allow Bind in the Weights view when multiple meshes are selected.
  • Fixed crash removing bones bound to a mesh in some cases.
  • Improved graph selection when handles are under their key.

30 Oct 2020

  • Don't auto frame when deleting a key.
  • Draw shadow curves when using Store.
  • Fixed logic for key curve type, auto Bezier, and separate button states.
  • Improved aesthetics for graph and dopesheet.
  • Ignore shift, ctrl, and alt modifiers when being held for a hotkey.
  • Improved logic for which graph rows are checked/unchecked.

29 Oct 2020

  • Only double click delete on graph keys, not handles.
  • Added shadow curves during graph editing.
  • Fixed key shift setting wrong values.
  • Allow snapping with key shift.
  • Added handles for Bezier curves at the start and end of a repeating animation.
  • Fixed clicking disabled buttons.
  • Added graph support for the hotkeys: Copy, Store Selection, Set Selection, Top, and Bottom.

28 Oct 2020

  • Improved graph IK constraint boolean timelines.
  • Don't use snapping with boolean, draw order, and event timelines.
  • Fixed hover context being lost.
  • Don't user fixed width font for non-numeric graph values.
  • Fixed snapping being off very slightly.
  • Colors for IK constraint curves.
  • Fixed snapping with clamped values.

28 Oct 2020

  • Fixed snapping not ignoring other selected keys.
  • Fixed crash deleting or setting curve type after using key offset in graph.
  • Fixed key offset reverting changes to curve type.
  • Graph rendering improvements, fixes being one frame behind.
  • Fixed moving draw order, event, and IK graph keys.
  • Fixed ctrl+shift when dragging a graph handle.

26 Oct 2020

  • Fixed graph snapping for scale keys.
  • Show timelines for hidden bones in the graph and dopesheet when the bone is selected.
  • Fixed crash selecting graph keys without curves.
  • Fixed synching dopesheet/graph selection for keys without curves.
  • Fixed graph curve type and other buttons for keys without curves.
  • Fixed graph setup value lines when a timeline has a single key.
  • Better project import save when input and output are the same file.
  • Fixed CLI headless exports not being able to load old projects.

25 Oct 2020

  • Added flash for graph snap button.
  • Graph responds to key presses when dragging, without moving the mouse.
  • Fixed crash dragging a graph handle with ctrl+shift.
  • Fixed crash using key offset with auto Bezier handles.
  • Adjusted icon alignment for 100 and 200 interface scale.
  • Added hotkey for graph snapping and momentary hotkeys for graph X/Y.
  • Draw hover context curve on top.
  • Fixed crash when deleting all keys in a timeline.
  • When using -r or --import with the CLI and the input and output file are the same, the file will be resaved rather than imported into itself.

24 Oct 2020

  • Improved graph rendering.
  • Allow dragging Bezier handle lines.
  • Use shift+alt for graph key snapping.
  • Added ctrl+shift+drag to duplicate keys in the graph.

24 Oct 2020

  • Fixed bone rotate tool jumping by large amounts.
  • Removed curve type buttons from the dopesheet.
  • Fixed crash deleting keys without curves.
  • Improved keeping key selection after undo.
  • Added snapping to the graph.
  • Improved graph key shift.
  • Added graph "hover context": after hovering a key, snapping and selecting keys/handles will prioritize that key and it's curve.
  • Use number font for graph numbers.
  • Always keep graph key numbers on screen.

23 Oct 2020

  • Added selecting keys in the graph.
  • Added automatic Bezier handles.
  • Added separate button to move Bezier handles independently (or hold alt).
  • Added double click to delete a graph key.
  • Don't show attachments in the graph by default (like events and draw order).
  • Fixed the dopesheet showing the wrong rows with graph sync.
  • Fixed stepped, linear, and Bezier hotkeys not doing the same as clicking the buttons.
  • Fixed clicking a key in the dopesheet not moving the timeline position.
  • Added settings for setting the timeline position in the graph and dopesheet.
  • Don't shrink weights pies when zooming out.
  • Fixed background color for dots and squares.
  • Added button to reset background settings to defaults.
  • Fixed crash dragging to copy keys that don't have curves.
  • Always synchronized graph and dopesheet key selection.
  • Fixed many undo states from dragging a text field.
  • Fixed rotation tool to set rotation < -360 and > 360 in animate mode.
  • Fixed new names losing leading zeros.
  • Launcher update (4.0.10), supports older glibc versions on Linux.
  • Launcher update (4.0.11), redownloads updates after upgrading license from ESS to PRO.

17 Oct 2020

  • Fixed crash when setting a key.

17 Oct 2020

  • Don't show draw order in the graph by default (like events).
  • Fixed rare welcome screen crash for languages other than English.
  • Fixed dragging multiple dopesheet box selections.
  • Fixed undo for keys in some cases.
  • Fixed skin constraints when duplicating a skeleton.
  • Fixed the order of the applied skins when duplicating a skeleton.
  • Fixed metrics view including clipping and animation for skeletons with export unchecked.
  • Fixed linked meshes going to the wrong skin when duplicating a skeleton.

16 Oct 2020

  • Fixed --clean-all.
  • Fixed underline in Skins view.
  • Fixed incorrect restart warning for settings dialog.
  • Fixed reading dark color from skeleton JSON.
  • Launcher update (4.0.09).
  • Fixed launcher failing to run <= 3.8 versions for some users.
  • Launcher uses language used for install when uninstalling.
  • Launcher sets language for <= 3.8 versions.
  • Re-released 3.8.99 to fix double clicking keys to delete.

11 Oct 2020

  • Fixed error dialog font sizes.
  • Launcher update (4.0.08).

11 Oct 2020

  • Fixes for the Spine Trial.

11 Oct 2020

  • Fixed --logout CLI parameter.
  • Launcher update: 4.0.07
  • Fixed line in graph when rows are hidden.
  • Example projects are downloaded on demand.
  • Use fixed width font for export progress dialog.
  • Fixed Create tool not moving attachment when clicking to create a new bone.
  • Fixed undo when auto key is off.

9 Oct 2020

  • Added Graph X/Y hotkeys.
  • Fixed crash with smooth 4 when keeping edges.
  • Fixed envelope button rendering.
  • Improved button padding and icon spacing.
  • Launcher update (mandatory, 4.0.04).
  • Fixed graph timeline being out of sync with curves in some cases.
  • Added hotkeys for setting linear, stepped, and Bezier keys.

7 Oct 2020

  • Fixed CLI arguments on macOS.
  • Fixed black welcome screen images.
  • Launcher update (all beta users must update).
  • Launcher uses framerate setting.
  • Fixed some settings not being reverted when cancel is clicked.
  • Fixed toolbar button icon padding.
  • Faster mesh tracing.
  • Fix colored edges for translucent borders.
  • Replaced viewport and export linear filtering with smoothing settings.
  • Added viewport settings to keep edges when smoothing.
  • Added setting for attachment highlight smoothing.
  • Smoothing and pixel grid cannot be combined.
  • Increased minimum alpha for the color of a selected path.
  • Updated Japanese translations.
  • Improved line rendering for interface scale > 100.
  • Fixed filter buttons missing active state.
  • Added Graph view setting and hotkey to hide the graph's rows.
  • Fixed IK constraint bend positive being unchecked when a project is loaded.
  • Fixed artifacts with smoothing 4 when "keep edges" is unchecked.
  • Fixed missing/loading image colors.
  • Fixed launcher when interface scale is not 100 and color management is enabled.

4 Oct 2020

  • Draw graph value on top of curves.
  • Improved Timeline Frame Drag/Move hotkeys to not use auto scroll.
  • Fixed Timeline Pan Drag/Move hotkeys.
  • Fixed cutting before Bezier handles on the left edge of the graph.
  • Added cutting Bezier handles on the right, top, and bottom edges of the graph.
  • Improved crash dialog.
  • Launcher updated.
  • Fixed Sync not hiding part of the dopesheet toolbar when Spine starts.

1 Oct 2020

  • Fixed opening files from Finder on macOS.
  • Fixed uninstaller entry on Windows.
  • Fixed crash moving keys with no curves with Key Shift.
  • Fixed curves not being updated in same cases, such as after Key Adjust.
  • Fixed example project image paths.
  • Fixed animation clean up CLI parameter.
  • Added --clean-all CLI parameter.
  • Fixed choosing latest non-beta version.
  • Fixed crash clicking a curve button after Swap.

29 Sep 2020

  • The Graph view has been replaced by a fully featured curve editor.
  • 64-bit support to make use of any amount of system memory.
  • High resolution UI graphics for HiDPI displays (Spine interface scale > 100).
  • Interface scales other than 100 and 200 now look nice.
  • Color management for correct color rendering on wide gamut displays.
  • Linear and gamma blending workflows.
  • Many performance improvements, especially for large projects.
  • Improved path curve rendering quality.
  • Added tree annotations to slots for start/end of clipping.
  • Auto scroll dopesheet horizontally when box selecting past the edge.
  • Fixed dopesheet rows not being highlighted for the selected slot.
  • Improved sorting when names are numbered starting at zero.
  • Don't prompt to duplicate keys for linked meshes that inherit deform.
  • Don't change the tree selection for the Animations or Skins view unless the tree has the old item selected.
  • Fixed slot "jump to draw order" button not appearing.
  • Show both colors in slot icon for tint blank.
  • Show slot icon overlay for non-normal blending.
  • Fixed width glyphs when displaying hexadecimal numbers.
  • Hide Selection hotkey now renders while making selections.
  • Added settings dialog button to reset hotkeys to defaults.
  • Added hotkeys for setting the timeline position and panning the timeline using the mouse.
  • Fixed conflicts with other software on Mac.
  • Fixed incorrect mouse inputs when running old Spine versions on Mac (eg 2.1.27).
  • Fixed crashes when switching between old Spine versions (eg when using Chinese).
  • Always show key offset frame number when kept.
  • Keep key offset state when using undo/redo.
  • Key offset works for all types of keys.
  • New dialog for "images resized" to better explain the options.
  • Fixed tree text search when using hide skeleton/skin names.
  • Allow dropping .export.json and .pack.json files on the Spine window to open the export or texture packer dialog.
  • Fixed loading bounding boxes from very old projects.
  • Fixed CLI import for very old projects.
  • Allow gradient with solid background color.
  • Show full path for pinned skins.
  • Improved timeline position display.
  • Added Dopesheet Setup Pose hotkey.
  • Apply UI scale to attachment lines and handles.
  • Don't mousewheel zoom unless over the viewport or scrollable area.
  • Added a button for attachment tree properties to select the slot.
  • Update mouse position when zooming while dragging to use a tool.
  • Fixed flickering world scale values.
  • Allow dragging left/right on text boxes to change numeric values.
  • Fixed toolbar positions when ruler is shown.
  • Improved refreshing image and audio files.
  • Added highlight attachments setting.
  • Improved middle mouse button for viewport selections.
  • Middle mouse button for making dopesheet selections.
  • Added setting to make middle mouse button pan instead of select.
  • Added setting to disable pan momentum.
  • Box select on a key starts at the key's frame.
  • Show more accuracy for key frame numbers.
  • Allow panning vertically in the dopesheet with the right mouse button.
  • Dopesheet order matches tree selection order.
  • Reduced amount dopesheet can scroll right at frame 0.
  • Fixed packing fully transparent images.
  • Clicking the selected tool no longer selects the last used tool.
  • New Skin Placeholder hotkey works when attachments are selected.
  • Fixed playback freeze when hiding audio events.
  • Fixed the frame button breaking the Audio view when the view is narrow.
  • Fixed shear tool position when zoomed in.
  • Undo/redo applies animations to set the skeleton poses.
  • Improved bone images, icons, and icon sizes.
  • Added scaling for zero length bones.
  • Fixed rare bug where mesh triangulation was incorrect.
  • Fixed viewport zoom after changing bone scale setting.
  • Fixed playback for long audio files.
  • Audio playback failure no longer crashes.
  • Fixed selection history when the tree is hidden.
  • Fixed constraints with zero mixes resetting bones.
  • Translation improvements for many languages.
  • More space efficient dopesheet toolbar layout.
  • Greatly improved bone scale for projects using large images.
  • Fixed point attachment world rotation and viewport size.
  • Increased drag distance to make Weights view direct tool more sensitive, hold shift for even more sensitivity.
  • Soft mesh selection now works with the Weights view direct, add, and replace tools.
  • Weights view slider shows the highest weight value while dragging.
  • Fixed playback speed not being applied when playing backward.
  • Texture atlas packing logs a warning when an image doesn't appear to match a mesh's UVs.

3.8 Releases

13 Sep 2020

  • Fixed issues with the window losing focus on Windows in some cases.
  • Fixed double clicking a key to delete.

10 Sep 2020

  • Fixed hanging on app start on macOS in some cases.
  • Fixed crash when pressing delete during key offset.
  • The first time an attachment is hovered, don't show an already loaded attachment immediately.
  • Fixed not opening on the correct monitor on Windows.
  • Fixed maximized and fullscreen sizes on Windows in some cases.
  • Fixed Import Data when specifying a folder.
  • Allow dragging animations to folders in animate mode.

10 Jul 2020

  • Fixed a memory leak with the tree.
  • Fixed the "images resized" dialog pushing vertices against the edge when the new image is too small.

2 Jul 2020

  • Fixed out of memory errors in some cases when image loading is aborted.
  • Fixed high memory usage when mousing over attachments with large images in the tree.
  • Fixed tree hover image preview not showing in some cases.
  • Fixed key offset losing the curve type for some of the first keys.
  • Fixed double click not deleting a key in some cases.
  • Fixed export preview losing the currently selected skin.
  • Wait to re-maximize window until after closing the file dialog.
  • Don't apply edge highlighting to attachment image loading placeholders.

24 Apr 2020

  • Fixed a crash with headless export.
  • Added select attachments hotkeys.

15 Apr 2020

  • Respect the Export checkbox for attachments and skins when exporting JSON/binary/images/video, packing polygons, doing data export with Attachments packing, computing the skeleton AABB, and for the Metrics view.
  • If an attachment won't be exported, any deform timelines are removed and any attachment keys are changed to show no attachment.
  • If a mesh won't be exported, any linked meshes for that mesh also won't be exported.
  • More efficient file system checks.
  • Log warning when file system access takes a long time.

7 Apr 2020

  • Fixed crash hovering vertices during mesh tracing.
  • Fixed pasting attachment keys that clear the attachment.

7 Apr 2020

  • Fixed crash when creating a path and checking Closed.
  • Improved error detection when importing data with bad mesh data.
  • Improved bone split renaming when the original name ends in a number.
  • Added hotkeys for selecting bones and slots.
  • Don't show the dragged tree node until after the drop delay.
  • Fixed crashes when pasting keys for objects that have been deleted.
  • Fixed crash unchecking Mesh when a linked mesh is selected.

5 Apr 2020

  • Fixed crash with weight strength hotkey.

4 Apr 2020

  • Fixed rare crash after duplicating a mesh.
  • When duplicating an attachment, don't make the new attachment visible.
  • Fixed rare crash with storing recent projects.
  • Don't use mesh vertices with polygon packing when a region attachment uses the same image.
  • Allow single quotes around any key name or typed character in hotkeys.txt.
  • Added brush, feather, and strength hotkeys for Weights and Mesh Tools views.
  • Improved visualization for mesh soft selection on hover.
  • Fixed dopesheet not redrawing in some cases when an attachment is selected.
  • Fixed dopesheet sometimes not scrolling vertically with mouse wheel.

3 Apr 2020

  • Fixed a crash when keying.
  • Fixed the dopesheet showing the same bone twice in some cases.

2 Apr 2020

  • Don't require two presses of spacebar to clear the viewport selection when the dopesheet has a selection.
  • Fixed dopesheet contents sometimes including the last selected item.
  • Fixed crash using undo after creating a new skin placeholder on a bone.
  • Fixed crash pasting keys copied before adding vertices to a mesh.
  • Fixed a number of bugs and crashes dealing with mesh vertices and draw order.

31 Mar 2020

  • Fixed loading placeholder images showing during export if the preview was open.
  • Fixed deform timelines in binary exports when the project contains a skin with no attachments.
  • Better error messages when CLI export settings are invalid.
  • Improved next/previous animation/skin for items not in a folder.
  • Fixed allowing folders to be created with the same names.
  • Fixed crash from having duplicate folder names.
  • Fixed crash while editing event properties.
  • Fixed separator placement on the bone New... select boxes.
  • Fixed moving a clipping attachment to a different skeleton and it referencing the end slot in the old skeleton.
  • Fixed undo of attachment creation leaving the slot with an invalid attachment.
  • Fix slots on project load that have an invalid attachment.
  • Dopesheet contents now considers the tree selection.
  • Fixed point attachments not being selected after creation.
  • Allow a project to be opened if a skeleton has only invalid bones.
  • Improved how attachment timelines are applied in the Preview view.
  • Fixed view dipping toward the setup pose when mixing animations in the Preview view.

9 Mar 2020

  • Fixed a crash with the Select All hotkey.
  • Focus tree or dopesheet when clicking anywhere in the view or view tab.

5 Mar 2020

  • Fixed a rare bug that caused excessive CPU usage.
  • Improved Metrics view sizing, hide animation table for setup mode.
  • Fixed Select Keys hotkey.
  • The Deselect hotkey can now also clear the dopesheet selection.
  • Added Select All hotkey for both the viewport and dopesheet (defaults to ctrl + A).
  • Added Top and Bottom hotkeys (defaults to HOME and END keys).
  • Fixed images sometimes not loading for image and video export.
  • Faster export preview.
  • Fixed CLI exports fading in at the start.
  • Added hotkeys to focus the dopesheet, tree, or viewport.
  • Added a focus indicator to the tab for the Dopesheet and Tree views.

7 Feb 2020

  • Fixed a mesh disappearing when bound to the mesh slot's parent bone.
  • Select all text in numeric text boxes when focused.
  • Fixed slot tree node expanded state getting lost.

6 Feb 2020

  • Fixed PSD export for animation frames.
  • Faster cancellation for polygon packing.
  • Fixed polygon packing when a linked mesh image is a different size than the source mesh image.
  • Fixed texture unpacker when atlas has regions out of bounds.

5 Feb 2020

  • Fixed skin constraints not being applied unless checked in the Skins view.

4 Feb 2020

  • Fixed skin constraints not being applied for pinned skins.
  • Fixed image files showing up after a file was deleted.
  • Fixed projects on load that have a key to an attachment that does not exist.
  • Faster project loading.
  • Improved mouse wheel scroll speed.
  • Fixed PSD export with slot blend modes.
  • Fixed linked meshes not using the parent mesh polygon when packing polygons.
  • Fixed the export dialog being slow for very large projects in some cases.
  • Added Select Keys hotkey.
  • Next/previous skin and animation hotkeys use folder order.
  • Fixed polygon packing overlapping in some cases.
  • Improved limit for scanning image and audio files (breadth first).
  • Toast if file scanning was limited.
  • Fixed mouse wheel scrolling in select boxes.
  • Fixed dropping a constraint on a skin.
  • Fixed launcher unnecessarily downloading an update.
  • When reducing vertex weight from 100% when 2 bones are bound, give it to the other bone.

13 Dec 2019

  • Fixed skins not being removed from bones and constraints when a skin is deleted.
  • Fixed tree annotations not selecting the correct object in some cases.
  • Show remove from skin button when multiple IK constraints are selected.

10 Dec 2019

  • Fixed crash when adding a bone to a skin.

7 Dec 2019

  • Allow binding bones to attachments in animate mode.
  • Fixed a rare bug that caused Spine to not see changes to image files.
  • Fixed deform keys showing stepped between frame 0 and first key.
  • Fixed incorrect calculation of the length of the last curve in a path.
  • Allow dopesheet box select to select keys that are offscreen.
  • Fixed bug with selecting objects when the Tree view is hidden.
  • Fixed image and audio file changes not being detected in animate mode.
  • Disallow forward slash in folder names.
  • Fixed warnings always being printed for CLI export.
  • Setting a key replaces an existing key rather than overwriting with a new key.
  • Suggest a name for new skin placeholders.
  • Fixed vertex location when dragging to create a new path vertex.
  • Fixed dragging to create a new path vertex on an existing path segment.
  • Fixed undo using two states when creating path vertices.
  • Fixed path vertex translation when creating path vertices.
  • Added a "mesh" checkbox when multiple meshes are selected.
  • Fixed color chooser sliders not updating.
  • Much faster polygon packing when the output has multiple atlas pages.
  • Fixed polygon packing not detecting images that are too large.
  • Fixed the shear tool and outline view for bones affected by constraints.

6 Nov 2019

  • Fixed corrupt JSON and binary export.
  • Fixed IK constraint timelines not being exported correctly.
  • Fixed inconsistent ordering in JSON exports.
  • Fixed skin bones in CLI exports.
  • Fixed export dialog not showing skin select box in some cases.
  • Fixed image and video export hanging when the preview is shown.
  • Fixed a rare crash when clicking vertices without moving the mouse.
  • Fixed dragging multiple images into the viewport when the root bone has been translated.

9 Oct 2019

  • Fixed crash when setting transform constraint bones.
  • Fixed crash during CLI data export.
  • Fixed Preview clamping alpha 0-100 when a track button is pressed and additive is enabled.

7 Oct 2019

  • Fixed crash using Key Selected hotkey on attachments in the tree without an animation active.
  • Don't show image preview when hovering visibility or key buttons in the tree.
  • Fixed crash when an unsaved project could not be saved.
  • Fixed row hover on Find and Replace dialog.
  • Fixed crash when news images fail to be written.
  • Fixed rare crash computing skeleton bounds.
  • Fixed rare crash storing recent paths.
  • Fixed rare crash when making vertex selection.
  • Fixed rare crash when using New path tool.

5 Oct 2019

  • Fixed IK constraint timelines when using Data Import.
  • Sort the updates select box on Settings dialog.
  • When using import into existing skeleton, fixed bone and attachment positions when existing bones have been moved.
  • When using import into existing skeleton, fixed reversed draw order and improved draw order position for new slots.
  • Fixed undoing dragging a bone in the Weights view for triangle order.

5 Sep 2019

  • Fixed rare crash when making selections in the viewport.

4 Sep 2019

  • When creating a skin placeholder, keep the attachment path when rename is not checked.
  • Fixed Weights view losing the selected bone when selecting a different mesh.

2 Sep 2019

  • Fixed crash ctrl+clicking a clipping deform dopesheet row with a mesh selected.
  • For texture packing, don't combineSubdirectories on subdirectories with a pack.json OR that have a parent directory with a pack.json.

30 Aug 2019

  • Improved performance adjusting the draw order via hotkeys with many slots.
  • Fixed scale Y numeric text entry.
  • Fixed mesh wireframes not showing in Edit Mesh.
  • Added Owl example webpage.

27 Aug 2019

  • Fixed crash deleting a skin placeholder.
  • Fixed texture packing choosing the next highest image size in some cases.
  • Slightly smaller texture packer output images in some cases.
  • Better missing and loading placeholders.
  • Fixed crash creating a new skin placeholder while creating a new bounding box, path, or clipping attachment.
  • Pasting vertices correctly uses the current vertex selection.
  • Pasting vertices doesn't show a "paste" message if the vertices don't move.

27 Aug 2019

  • Fixed mesh tracing.
  • Fixed crash splitting a bone with a long numeric name.
  • Fixed crash when a mouse can't be detected.
  • Fixed crash deleting a skin placeholder in some cases.
  • Better texture packer default settings.

26 Aug 2019

  • Fixed texture packing not happening in some cases.
  • Fixed crash when changing skins while playing an animation in Preview.
  • Added warning when opening PRO projects with ESS.

26 Aug 2019

  • Much faster polygonal texture packing.
  • Fixed export progress bar.
  • Fixed events not being expandable in the dopesheet.
  • Fixed some texture packer settings not being stored in the project.
  • Fixed polygonal texture packing sometimes failing with multiple scales.

25 Aug 2019

  • Fixed Edit Mesh, Trace not working with some image files (eg 16-bit PNGs).
  • Fixed crash opening alien example project.
  • Fixed renaming slots affecting draw order.
  • Improved progress bar slightly for data + texture packing export.
  • Fixed path constraint viewport handle when position mode is percent.
  • Fixed right alignment in text fields.
  • Fixed width numbers for numeric text fields.
  • Improved accuracy and rounding for numeric text fields.
  • Typing scale only applies 0 when enter is pressed, preventing loss of mesh shapes.
  • Fixed typing +123, /123, and *123 for numeric text fields.
  • Fixed typing scale on texture packer settings dialog.
  • Disallow blank event audio paths.
  • Fixed tree expansion when using text search without Text search filters.
  • Fixed polygonal texture packing not showing meshes in some cases.
  • Improved polygonal texture packing when multiple meshes use the same image.

22 Aug 2019

  • Fixed deform keys swapping X and Y when reordering bones in the Weights view.
  • Fixed hang when submitting a crash report.
  • Improved CLI error messages.

21 Aug 2019

  • Fixed rare startup crash on macOS.
  • Fixed Find and Replace when replacing with $ or \ without regular expressions.
  • Fixed Find and Replace and multiple selection from naming a skin "default".
  • Forward slash (/) is no longer allowed in skin, animation, or event names.
  • New Event now creates folders.
  • Improved showing native file dialog in some cases.

20 Aug 2019

  • Fixed crash using Zoom to fit during Edit Mesh, New.
  • Fixed slot "Select in the bone hierarchy" button when all tree filters are enabled.
  • Fixed texture packing meshes when multiple meshes use the same image.
  • Improved Japanese translations.
  • Fixed crash using Edit Mesh, Trace when the image cannot be found.
  • Fixed crash when ctrl+clicking an attachment with a bone New select box open.
  • Fixed crashes when text search has filtered an entire skeleton.
  • Reduced resource usage when a skeleton's images folder cannot be found.

14 Aug 2019

  • Fixed undo changing slot attachment keys to clear the slot attachment.
  • Fixed a crash when selecting a key.
  • Fixed a crash when dragging an image file if a bone in a different skeleton is selected.
  • Fixed cursor when typing in scale text boxes with auto key on.
  • Fixed setup/animate mode text not scaling with the interface scale setting.
  • Fixed PSD export showing names even when Others is unchecked.
  • Expand to matching nodes when Text search filters is checked.
  • The Tree view setting Show all skin attachments now also shows deform timelines for attachments in all skins.
  • Aligned Metrics view contents to the top.
  • Improved project checking on project load.
  • Fixed welcome screen image file caching in some cases.

8 Aug 2019

  • Fixed projects on load to restore animations, events, and skins hidden due to a beta bug.
  • Fixed some settings not being saved.
  • Preview respects the Pixel grid setting.
  • Fixed recent projects submenu not being clickable.

8 Aug 2019

  • Fixed constraints not being applied in some cases when other constraints are in an inactive skin.
  • Fixed removal of duplicate attachments on project load.
  • Fixed crash for CLI.
  • Dopesheet scrolls to the top when opening a new project.
  • Fixed Import Data into an existing skeleton creating duplicate attachments and other problems.
  • Prevent double clicks on menus from activating twice.
  • Project open warning for orphaned skeletons.

7 Aug 2019

  • Fixed problems with binary export for some projects.

6 Aug 2019

  • Fixed softness being reset to 0 when copying IK keys.
  • Updated translations for Japanese, Turkish.
  • Fixed Import Project, Animation choosing the wrong skeleton.
  • Fixed crash when dragging an attachment to a skin.

5 Aug 2019

  • Updated translations for Chinese.
  • Fixed hovering a vertex with multiple meshes selected.
  • Fixed crash using Weights tool with add mode when multiple meshes are selected.
  • Fixed images being loaded multiple times when dragging an image file into the viewport.
  • Fixed layout when dragging multiple large images that take some time to load.
  • Fixed bone icons being too small.

1 Aug 2019

  • Updated translations for Japanese, Korean, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French.

30 Jul 2019

  • Fixed text search outline being too dim in some cases.
  • Fixed nearest resampling when packing a texture atlas with a scale < 1.
  • Fixed Instant Tooltips hotkey on dialogs.
  • Fixed crash in some cases after undoing a bone that was added to a skin.
  • Fixed crashes from wrong properties being shown in the tree after dragging a node that doesn't support drag and drop.
  • Fixed key Offset complaining the first and last keys are not the same after deleting keys.
  • Updated translations for German and Italian.

23 Jul 2019

  • Fixed poor triangulation for mesh images that are much longer in one dimension.
  • Fixed crash when clicking on the Find and Replace dialog.

20 Jul 2019

  • Highlight Local axes when the scale X or Y text fields are focused.
  • Fixed select boxes with icons not highlighting the selected item.
  • Holding alt when opening a file dialog on OS X will use an old style dialog as a temporary workaround for OS X Catalina not showing file dialogs at all.
  • Fixed rare bug where too many undo states are applied.

19 Jul 2019

  • Fixed crash loading some older projects.
  • Fixed crash clicking the bones select box when setting bones for a path constraint.

17 Jul 2019

  • Improved rotation/translation selection behavior for Pose tool.
  • Added the missing Select and Export checkboxes for paths.
  • Added a Name checkbox for all attachments.
  • Improved name colors.
  • Fixed right click sometimes not switching tools.
  • Fixed local scale not being shown when scale text boxes are focused and axes are World.

17 Jul 2019

  • Added missing tooltips.
  • Slightly reduced project file size.

16 Jul 2019

  • Fixed key Offset preventing box select in the dopesheet after getting the toast that the first and last keys must be the same.
  • Fixed texture packer scale text boxes not adjusting with font size.
  • Adjusted main menu padding.

16 Jul 2019

  • Always show the current skin when the Show all skin attachments tree setting is checked.

16 Jul 2019

  • Fixed mesh New tool showing in the wrong location.
  • Fixed the way Bone scale affects zooming.
  • Keep tree selection when creating a new folder.
  • Fixed crash in Find and replace dialog.
  • Fixed crash clicking the dopesheet Select bones button when a mesh is selected.

15 Jul 2019

  • Fixed shift + enter not working for text search.
  • Fixed crash when hiding skin bones.
  • Fixed not being able to select the Pose tool.

15 Jul 2019

  • Fixed changelog entry height on welcome screen.
  • Another fix for the Text search filters checkbox.
  • Fixed crash when hiding skin bones in the tree.

14 Jul 2019

  • Fixed "deformed in animations" dialog when selecting a mesh with deform keys.
  • Fixed using ctrl for some hotkeys (eg Edit Mesh - New).
  • Fixed Find and Replace wrecking the draw order when cancelled.
  • Fixed creating a linked mesh not adding a new undo state.
  • Fixed Text search filters being able to hide tree nodes and never show them again.
  • Fixed tree filters Reset button not updating text search.

14 Jul 2019

  • Fixed keeping selection when keys hide/change a slot's attachment.
  • Slight performance improvements during playback.
  • Added separator to bone New select box.
  • Added folders to the Find and Replace dialog.
  • Added full row select for the Find and Replace dialog.
  • Fixed undo no longer working after Import Data failed.
  • Faster cancellation of long running texture packing.

13 Jul 2019

  • Fixed crash moving an attachment with visibility keys to a placeholder.
  • Fixed a few rare crashes.
  • Fixed a few more crashes when deleting mesh vertices.
  • Disable attachment image preview when dragging a tool.
  • Fixed removing deform all keys for a mesh not removing linked mesh keys.
  • Fixed undo after removing weights from a linked mesh.

12 Jul 2019

  • Fixed crash during CLI export.
  • Fixed key Adjust moving vertices too much when there are linked meshes.
  • Fixed a number of crashes when deleting mesh vertices.
  • Greatly reduced CPU usage when the welcome screen is open.
  • Greatly reduced CPU usage during playback on Windows and Linux.
  • Fixed MSAA setting not being applied for OS X.
  • Fixed not being able to type in Settings dialog when the welcome screen is open.
  • Improved bold font when interface scale > 100%.
  • Fixed animations showing up multiple times after exporting with animation clean up.

10 Jul 2019

  • Adjusted settings slider ranges.
  • Fixed clicking twice to delete a vertex in Edit Mesh.
  • Fixed a few uncommon crashes.
  • Fixed being unable to delete a mesh vertex in some cases.
  • Fixed vertices moving incorrectly when connecting hull UVs in Edit Mesh.
  • Fixed crash mousing over bone select when choosing path constraint bones.

10 Jul 2019

  • Stability improvements.

10 Jul 2019

  • Added Retina support on OS X for fonts and viewport (try interface scale of 100% or 200%).
  • Fixed invalid language/font selections.

8 Jul 2019

  • Added Layers option for PSD export, great for drawing attachments with a different perspective.
  • Added Previous Selection and Next Selection hotkeys (page up/down by default) to reduce the need to scroll the tree up and down.
  • Fixed alt being stuck when exiting Spine on Windows.
  • Fixed crash duplicating a skeleton after undo.
  • Fixed loading projects with an invalid path.
  • Improved warnings on project load.
  • Changed rotation display from -180..180 back to 0..360.
  • Fixed key shift sometimes not moving keys.
  • Faster image and video export for large projects.
  • Improvements for multiple monitors on Windows and Linux.
  • IK constraint keys show a stepped line if only checkboxes changed between keys.
  • IK softness and stretch are mutually exclusive.
  • Remove orphaned items in previously deleted folders on project load.
  • Improved box selection for paths, bounding boxes, and clipping attachments.
  • Clicking region attachments in Animate mode selects it in the tree.
  • Pick modes exit on undo and combine into a single undo state.
  • Fixed clipping attachment End Slot button not turning blue.
  • Allow right click to expand/collapse the tree while dragging a tree node.
  • Fixed dragging mesh UVs with the New tool not moving the deformed vertices.
  • Fixed loading projects in CLI headless mode.

27 Jun 2019

  • Added tree to Skins view.
  • Improved Skins view pin buttons and the bottom section can now scroll.
  • Fixed Preview not updating when animations are changed.
  • Fixed Import Project when there is only one skeleton.

25 Jun 2019

  • Fixed crash with selection groups.
  • Fixed crash in trial.

24 Jun 2019

  • Added tree for animations in the Preview view.
  • Expand to the selected animation in Animations view.
  • Fixed right clicking the first bone in the Weights view.
  • Fixed Weights view with long bone names.
  • More efficient rendering when the tree has thousands of items.
  • Fixed crash clearing all filters.
  • Allow deleting folders with a multi selection of mixed types.
  • Slightly improved stability (iterators).
  • Fixed rare crash during attachment mouse over.
  • Update Audio view when renaming events.
  • Centered Metrics layout.
  • Sort skeleton select boxes to match draw order.

23 Jun 2019

  • Fixed skin bones after duplicating a skeleton.
  • Fixed Animations view synchronization with the tree.
  • Remember expanded animations per skeleton in Animations view.
  • Fixed Direct weights tool cursor being shown for other modes.
  • Improved multi selection highlights in lists.
  • Improved tree annotation layout.
  • Improved weights view bone color boxes.

22 Jun 2019

  • Added folders to Animations view.
  • Fixed crash double clicking some tree nodes.
  • Improved many icons.
  • Added underline for active animation and skin.
  • Fixed Import Data setting attachment image paths to the attachment name.
  • Highlight node expansion icon in tree.
  • Hiding Images or Others also hides ghosting motion vectors.
  • Fixed motion vectors for paths.
  • Darker viewport name label.

20 Jun 2019

  • Fixed loader scale for IK constraint softness.
  • Fixed Edit Mesh crash.

19 Jun 2019

  • During drag and drop the tree no longer highlights the hovered node until the drag is active (250ms to prevent accidents).
  • Fixed crash renaming an event in animate mode.
  • IK constraint properties show only the settings applicable to one or two bone IK.
  • Added button to remove the child bone from an IK constraint.
  • Fixed binary export.
  • Improved draw order icon.

17 Jun 2019

  • Added a Softness setting to IK constraints.
  • Alt+click with Create tool won't select a bone.

17 Jun 2019

  • Fixed crash splitting a bone.

16 Jun 2019

  • Added Preview setting to automatically play the animation being edited.
  • Import Project, Animation can now import multiple animations at once.
  • Fixed crash duplicating a bone in some cases.

16 Jun 2019

  • Fixed pasting deform keys.
  • Fixed bone positions when dragging bones from one skeleton to another.
  • Order a new duplicate skeleton after the original.
  • Improved flash when a project is opened.
  • Improved dopesheet orange frame number when dragging left of frame zero.
  • Handle failure to load the mesh image for tracing.

12 Jun 2019

  • Fixed export bounds when using Current pose.
  • Fixed repeat last export/packing hotkey.
  • Removed "attachment deleted" toast when creating placeholders.
  • Set default texture packing setting to rectangles.
  • Fixed crash for Import Project, Animation when a key's slot or attachment can't be found.
  • Fixed crash using undo after creating an animation, skin, or event.
  • Fixed crash using arrow keys during mesh tracing.
  • Fixed rare crash when pasting deform keys after modifying a mesh.

11 Jun 2019

  • Added a Tree view setting to show all skins with attachments under each skin placeholder.
  • Preview, Skins, and Animations view show folder paths (until they get a tree for folders).
  • Fixed name uniqueness problems with skins and events.
  • Fixed dialog padding.
  • When expanding all nodes in the tree, don't expand skins.
  • Fixed a slot's attachment being hidden when moving a different attachment out of the slot.
  • Fixed undo after renaming an attachment with Clear path checked.

10 Jun 2019

  • Fixed crashes when creating new items.
  • Fixed focus issues with event properties.
  • Fixed crash unlinking a linked mesh.

10 Jun 2019

  • Fixed crash with New button when editing vertices.
  • Fixed PMA artifact rendering when Deformed is unchecked in Edit Mesh.
  • Fixed Reset moving the mesh if a parent bone has nonuniform scale.
  • Fixed dialog fade out.
  • Fixed undo crash after dragging in a new region attachment.

10 Jun 2019

  • Fixed view tabs not reducing to an icon at the correct size.
  • Fixed Auto Key setting keys for skin bones when Hide viewport skin bones is checked.
  • Names for animations, skins, and events are now unique per folder and the name used in exported data includes the parent folders.
  • Scroll to tree selection after a rename action.
  • Fixed crashes when inactive skin constraints are keyed.
  • Dim inactive bones and constraints in the tree.

7 Jun 2019

  • Improved graphics for sliders and tree properties.
  • Added mesh trace tooltips.
  • Fixed tool icon location when selecting a single vertex.
  • Meshes no longer move after using reset, trace, etc.
  • Changes made in Edit Mesh mode are combined into a single undo state.
  • Fixed duplicate button not working for some attachments.

5 Jun 2019

  • Improved mesh tracing.
  • Added padding to mesh tracing.
  • Fixed crash from clicking dialog buttons as they disappear.
  • Default to hiding skin bones in the viewport.
  • Fixed bone remove from skin button showing instead of delete.
  • Fixed dragging a skin constraint trying to change constraint order.
  • Fixed tree annotations showing incorrectly during drag and drop.
  • Text search dimmed colors are disabled during drag and drop.
  • Fixed crash renaming the root bone with multi selection.

4 Jun 2019

  • Added automatic creation of a mesh hull.
  • Fixed Spine freezing if the audio device hangs.
  • Binary format is much smaller for large projects.
  • Performance improvements for large projects when the tree is expanded.
  • Don't keep project that failed to load in the favorites.
  • Fixed selecting bones in Weights view.
  • Support importing pre-3.8.12-beta JSON.
  • Fixed creating bounding boxes and paths.

2 Jun 2019

  • Fixed bone compensation when a transform constraint has negative translate mix.
  • Fixed a crash selecting a bone or constraint when using skin bones or constraints.

1 Jun 2019

  • Bones and constraints can now be added to a skin and will only be active for that skin.
  • Import Data can now import into an existing skeleton.
  • Bones can now be constrained by multiple IK constraints.
  • Fixed rotate tool icon spinning when a mesh is selected.
  • Unchecking Select no longer hides ghosts for that attachment.
  • Fixed the timeline ghosting indicator for zero frame animations.
  • Fixed ghosting being affected by Preview.
  • Tooltips for tree filters.
  • When filtering open dialog, pressing enter when only a folder is shown chooses the folder.
  • Fixed tree hover highlight flicker when using undo.
  • Fixed slider handle graphics.
  • Message when constraints are deleted as a result of deleting a bone.
  • Added main menu icons.
  • Fixed texture packing when using scale.
  • Added a button to slots for jumping from the bone hierarchy to the draw order and vice versa.
  • Deleting a bone no longer deletes constraints unless the bone was the target or last constrained bone.
  • Some popup messages now include a button to open the log.
  • Fixed deleting items in folders.
  • Fixed tree annotations not showing right away after a constraint is created.
  • Fixed crash hovering a hidden attachment in the tree.
  • Clicking selected item in the tree no longer deselects it.
  • Rulers font size is smaller and based on the font setting.
  • Fixed text wrapping on some dialogs.
  • Log when a mesh image file's dimensions change.
  • Improved alphanumeric sorting.
  • Fixed polygonal packing when multiple meshes attachments use the same image.

30 Apr 2019

  • Selecting multiple attachments and choosing New Skin Placeholder provides the same advanced options as when selecting one attachment.
  • Fixed crash creating a folder for a new skeleton.
  • Vertices moved with a deform key are colored differently.
  • Mesh Reset in animation mode resets only the selected vertices.
  • Adjusting weights or mesh soft selection size draws the size indicator circles at the selected vertex, when a single vertex is selected.
  • Ctrl+double click a vertex in animate mode to select all deformed or undeformed vertices.

29 Apr 2019

  • Added folders to organize animations, skins, and events.
  • Added multi-editing for skins.
  • Selecting a hidden bone in the tree shows the bone in the viewport.
  • Linked meshes that inherit deform now show the keyable state of the source mesh.
  • Fixed welcome falsely showing that there is unread news or changelog items.
  • Improved Key Selected (ctrl+L by default, cmd+L on Mac) to key selected slots, events, constraints, and attachments.

24 Apr 2019

  • Fixed the positions of toast messages and the selected name.
  • Added unpremultiply to the texture unpacker.
  • Added Slot > New: Bone (creates a bone and moves slot under it).
  • Fixed a second performance problem with the bone Create tool.
  • Fixed texture packing with scale.

22 Apr 2019

  • Added rulers.
  • Fixed blurry font rendering on some dialogs.
  • Creating multiple skin placeholders for existing attachments keeps original visibility and uses a single undo state.
  • JSON export no longer writes an empty default skin.

21 Apr 2019

  • Fixed hotkeys that show a dialog from causing a character to be typed in the dialog.
  • Many fixes from 3.7.93.

17 Apr 2019

  • Added tight packing of mesh polygons to the texture packer.
  • Fixed export progress bar movement.
  • Fixed cancelling texture packing.

13 Apr 2019

  • Many fixes from 3.7.92.
  • Fixed welcome screen layout jumping when first shown.
  • Added x and y coordinates for setup pose AABB in JSON and binary data.

13 Mar 2019

  • Don't show welcome screen if opening a project by double clicking a file.
  • Fixed welcome "new" image when window is narrow.
  • Improved welcome layout, more horizontal space for recent projects.
  • Fixed scrollbars not showing sometimes.
  • Changes from 3.7.92.

27 Feb 2019

  • Welcome screen showing news, changelog, tips, links, recent files, and examples.
  • Fixed width font for dopesheet frame text boxes.
  • Dopesheet frame text boxes fit 5 digits.
  • Trial intro animations and sign up.
  • Improved fonts.
  • The Large font can use the Bitmap setting for more efficient rendering.
  • Show "Restore" for maximize and fullscreen tooltips.

3.7 Releases

1 Jun 2019

  • Fixed a performance problem with the bone Create tool.
  • Fixed crash for certain paths when opening the export dialog.

22 Apr 2019

  • Fixed loading some projects with an invalid clipping end slot.
  • Fixed performance issue with Create tool.
  • Fixed losing view layouts.
  • Fixed weights view slider not appearing.
  • Fixed Rotate tool icon rotation when mesh vertices are selected.
  • Fixed Auto Key not creating a key when pasting vertex positions.
  • Fixed spacing for dopesheet rows for bones with no keys.
  • Prevent keys from being pasted in setup mode.
  • Added ctrl+alt hotkey (cmd+alt on Mac) to tooltip for key Offset.
  • Fixed using key Offset via the hotkey so it can be adjusting multiple times.
  • Fixed key Offset not adjusting curves correctly.
  • Fixed crash when binding bones and choosing a linked mesh.
  • Fixed Import Data when the data doesn't have a default skin.

13 Apr 2019

  • Fixed transform constraint Offset not auto collapsing for animate mode.
  • French updates.
  • Fixed projects that have a linked mesh with another linked mesh as the parent mesh.
  • Fixed crash deleting a skin placeholder and keeping all attachments.
  • Fixed ghosting solid rendering.
  • Fixed texture unpacker hotkey.
  • Fixed open project error message.
  • Improved temp file usage to not leave as many files behind.
  • Improved display support on Linux.
  • Fixed bones not drawn hollow when a transform constraint has negative mix.
  • Fixed ghosting for mesh deforms.
  • Added motion vectors to region attachment vertices.
  • Fixed atlas packing during data export always combining subdirectories when Image Folders is chosen.
  • Fixed loading old export settings JSON format.
  • Fixed Import Data with path attachments.
  • Fixed projects on load which have a clipping end slot in the wrong skeleton.
  • Clearing tree text search scrolls to the selected nodes.
  • Hiding a path's slot no longer prevents path constraints from being applied.
  • Fixed Edit Mesh, Generate causing image to disappear when backface culling is enabled.
  • Fixed exporting to the images folder from the CLI.
  • Fixed loading old export settings JSON.
  • Suggest a unique name when duplicating a skin.
  • Fixed naming when duplicating multiple skins at once.
  • Fixed undo after duplicating a skin.
  • Fixed duplicating a skin creating linked meshes where the source mesh is another linked mesh.
  • Fixed Preview crash when adding new timelines during a mix.
  • Fixed crash after deleting the animation playing in Preview.

19 Feb 2019

  • Fixed running texture packer from command line when pack settings file ends with .pack.json.
  • Fixed texture packer settings dialog always showing Current project as checked.
  • Fixed mesh resize prompts not appearing when only the image width or height changed.
  • Fixed specifying -j/--project on the CLI.
  • Fixed non-bitmap font rendering on OS X.
  • Fixed crash deleting attachments.
  • Fixed a rare crash when saving.
  • Fixed crash using Import Project - Animation when the project has no animations.
  • Fixed crash with an invalid audio device.
  • Fixed rare crash when dropping a project file on the Spine window.
  • Fixed rare crash with tree text search.
  • Show dialog instead of crash when unable to write export or texture packer settings file.
  • Fixed rare occurrence of an image not being loaded when exporting images or video.

17 Feb 2019

  • Fixed texture packing settings not showing Combine subdirectories as checked.
  • Fixed using export settings JSON in old format.
  • Attachments with Export unchecked are no longer visible in image and video exports.
  • Don't draw clipping, bounding boxes, or points in the Outline view.
  • Fixed Outline showing hidden slots when Shear tool is selected.
  • Fixed blurry Unicode fonts and improved font rendering.
  • Improved where word wrapping occurs for Japanese and Korean.

11 Feb 2019

  • Fixed dopesheet selection box positions when the dopesheet is resized vertically.
  • Remember last bone Split settings.
  • Fixed bone not being selected after bone Split.
  • After deselection, the dopesheet orders the previously selected skeleton first, even when the previous selection had no keys.
  • Fixed bones not following paths for image and video export when the export is done from setup mode.
  • Fixed error about currentProject when running the texture packer.
  • Fixed Preview during mixing when rotation is not keyed on frame 0.

8 Feb 2019

  • Key Offset now respects loop start/end.
  • Fixed whitespace stripping for meshes when using a texture packer scale != 1.
  • Improved saving export and pack settings as JSON when choosing "export" or "pack" as the filename.
  • Better error message when export settings file can't be found.
  • Fixed reading older export settings JSON files.
  • Slightly faster editor loading times.

9 Jan 2019

  • Fixed crash showing a dialog in certain conditions.

8 Jan 2019

  • Fixed texture packing when multiple skeletons or attachments use the same image files.
  • Fixed texture packing whitespace stripping for region attachment images.
  • Fixed texture packing when multiple attachments end with /name.
  • Fixed crash when creating two IK constraints with a cyclic dependency.
  • Fixed crash related to tree draw order.

7 Jan 2019

  • Fixed texture packing Image folders along with JSON/binary export not removing images path from texture region names.
  • When packing multiple skeletons into one atlas, an error is shown if atlas texture regions have the same name.
  • Fixed crash when exporting a texture atlas into a skeleton's images folder.

7 Jan 2019

  • Fixed JSON Data Import.
  • Always set the output prefix when changing the animation to be exported on the export dialog.

6 Jan 2019

  • Assume all PNGs are sRGB (don't apply other gamma).

6 Jan 2019

  • Don't apply PNG gamma if sRGB is specified explicitly.
  • Fixed sRGB being applied twice when a PNG has sRGB specified explicitly.
  • Fixed a rare crash.
  • Fixed a crash with the Create tool.
  • Improved selection outline when an attachment is scaled.

4 Jan 2019

  • Search hotkey (enter) selects any existing text.
  • Search - Select All hotkey (ctrl+enter) expands the tree to every selected node.
  • Added a red border to the tree search box when an invalid regular expression is typed.
  • Show hotkeys in tooltips for main toolbar's Options group.
  • Translation updates.
  • Better proposed name when creating a new skin placeholder.
  • Disallow NaN values for JSON data import.
  • Fixed rare crash when choosing a recent project.
  • Added totals to CLI project information.

26 Dec 2018

  • Fixed crash when hiding all animations.
  • Playback Repeat defaults to checked for animations in older projects and is set correctly when a project is loaded.
  • Improved error messages.

25 Dec 2018

  • Only hide skeleton and skin names in attachment names.
  • Fixed font rendering for the ! character.
  • Show hotkeys in Views select box.
  • Fixed mesh stripping when a region uses the same image.
  • Don't prompt to move a slot when dropping an attachment on the current slot's bone.
  • Faster start up for CLI usage.
  • Fixed main toolbar button widths when text is not shown.
  • Better text alignment for the Small font.
  • Fixed Japanese, Chinese, and Korean fonts being slightly too tall.
  • Much improved font kerning.
  • Double right click on an animation in the Preview view makes it the active animation for the skeleton.
  • Gray all tree items when a search matches no results.
  • The tree search will now be considered a regular expression if it starts and ends with /.
  • Added Search - Select All hotkey (ctrl + enter by default, cmd + enter on Mac).
  • Fixed numeric sliders not showing the precision if a value is typed.
  • Playback Repeat is now stored per animation (for the editor only).

21 Dec 2018

  • Texture packing can now use mesh UVs for whitespace stripping.
  • Added a Current project texture packer setting when packing a folder to use mesh UVs from the current project for whitespace stripping.
  • Added a CLI parameter (-j or --project) to specify one or more projects to use mesh UVs for whitespace stripping.
  • Hide Combine subdirectories texture packer setting when it doesn't apply (packing only attachment images).
  • Added tree settings to hide skeleton and/or skin names in attachment names.
  • Type-to-select for select boxes with icons.
  • Fixed Settings dialog not resetting to defaults.
  • Orange flash when using key adjust or offset.
  • Fixed a crash when picking a slot for attachments.
  • Fixed tree horizontal scrollbar appearing too early.
  • The tree is more efficient when it has many thousands of nodes.

17 Dec 2018

  • Better export error messages when a file cannot be written.
  • Linear filtering setting now affects ghosts and attachment outlines (much better for pixel art!).
  • Bone scale no longer affects viewport backgrounds.
  • Settings dialog improvements.
  • Reduced memory usage for extremely large projects.
  • Removed debug lines from color chooser.
  • Updated Japanese translations.
  • Added keyboard input to lists and select boxes: up, down, home, end, and type-to-select.
  • Escape to close a select box, filter button, etc no longer deselects.
  • Fixed flickering and other issues with pixel grid rendering.

16 Dec 2018

  • Fixed crash getting OS language.
  • Fixed dopesheet sometimes not showing overview keys.
  • Fixed a rare crash.
  • Added Add Selection hotkeys (shift+0 thru shift shift+9).
  • Added setting (prefs.json only for now) to use the middle mouse button to pan.
  • Greatly reduced project loading times for projects with thousands of attachments.
  • Faster loading of subsequent projects.
  • Faster switching between setup and animate mode.
  • Fixed export preview freezing when settings are chosen which would result in an unreasonably long export.
  • Added scrollbars for export skeleton, skin, and animation select boxes.
  • Improved error messages for debugging.
  • Fixed crash using bone split when the tree properties don't match the viewport selection.
  • Fixed dopesheet not showing new keys when the Show All Bones/Slots hotkey is used.
  • The Preview view is now affected by the Playback view Interpolated button.
  • Fixed export preview border being off by 1px.
  • Fixed crash clicking the Draw Order timeline when bones are hidden in the tree.
  • Better Slot Color view layout when small and for dark color when Tint Black is enabled.

13 Dec 2018

  • Allow transform constraint scale and shearY mix < 0.
  • Fixed duplicating or deleting the root bone with multi selection.

12 Dec 2018

  • Fixed dopesheet crash when locked with row that has no keys and the animation is hidden.
  • Fixed CLI export problems.

11 Dec 2018

  • Text search box uses less vertical space above the tree when possible.
  • Triggered event are now shown above the selection name if they would otherwise be off-screen.
  • Improved alphanumeric sorting to handle numbers that are not at the end of a name.
  • Fixed audio not loading in some cases for a collapsed or hidden skeleton.
  • Fixed bug where some images were not unloaded when a skeleton is hidden.
  • Improved efficiency for projects with many hidden skeletons.
  • Hiding a skeleton now hides all the tree nodes for that skeleton.
  • Show empty dopesheet rows for selected bones that have no keys.
  • Dim tree nodes that don't match the text search.
  • Stopped dopesheet from flashing when ctrl/cmd is pressed.
  • Dopesheet rows can be dragged to reorder.
  • Organized Views select box.

6 Dec 2018

  • Hiding slots in the tree now hides Draw Order.
  • Fixed text search crash.

6 Dec 2018

  • Holding ctrl + alt (cmd + alt on Mac) while dragging keys in the dopesheet now does key Offset.
  • Fixed tree crash.

5 Dec 2018

  • Added type-to-search and type-to-filter to the tree.
  • Fixed tab not focusing the rotate text box.
  • Fixed bad clipping from wrecking the camera.
  • Improved pasting vertices.
  • Show bones, slots, and attachments tree filter buttons as selected when the tree filter is active and all types are selected.
  • Attachments tree filter button disables all attachment types when clicked if any attachment filters were active (previously it enabled all attachment types).
  • Hiding slots in the tree now also hides Draw Order.
  • Removed Constraints from tree filter.
  • Fixed crash adding a new skeleton or dragging to reorder skeletons.
  • Added text field focus highlights.
  • Added Tree Filter and Dopesheet Filter hotkeys to toggle filters on/off.

1 Dec 2018

  • All languages have been updated with the latest translations.
  • Update the export preview while dragging the frame slider.

30 Nov 2018

  • Fixed lag when dragging sliders on export dialog.
  • Fixed export dialog not showing "all animations" when "separate skeletons" is chosen.
  • Added Fibonacci setting when splitting a bone.

28 Nov 2018

  • Fixed MSAA export on OS X.

28 Nov 2018

  • Fixed crashes using New tool in Edit Mesh mode when a mesh has deform keys and weights.

28 Nov 2018

  • Fixed crash clicking Files on the Settings dialog.

28 Nov 2018

  • Background settings improvements.
  • Metrics view considers all visible skins.
  • Color dialog layout improvements.
  • Respect setting to disable double click in various areas.
  • Categories for the Settings dialog.
  • Fixed a bug when moving a slot to a new bone.
  • Allow right click when picking a parent in the tree.
  • Fixed crash when dropping an image file on a bone.

20 Nov 2018

  • Added an option to move current slot when setting an attachment's parent to a bone.
  • Show dialog when moving an attachment to a bone in the viewport (use tree filter to easily select and move slots rather than attachments).
  • Hotkeys for playback speed.
  • Added back the MSAA setting for the editor (nice for hard edges of region, mesh, and especially clipping attachments).
  • Added MSAA setting for image and video export.
  • Fixed open export when output is prefix.
  • Fixed image and video export not applying deformation when in setup mode.
  • Fixed insertion indicator while dragging a skeleton in the tree.
  • Allow dragging multiple skeletons at once.
  • Added settings for various background types.

18 Nov 2018

  • Allow event a draw order keys to work with key Offset.
  • Toast message when key Offset causes the key on the last frame to be lost.
  • Added dialog to choose behavior when mesh image files change size.

17 Nov 2018

  • Enter closes color dialog.
  • Fixed Prune showing incorrect number of weights removed in some cases.
  • Added more Edit Mesh hotkeys.
  • Fixed rare crash pasting keys.
  • Fixed crash creating a skin placeholder for a non-mesh attachment and duplicating the attachment for each skin.
  • Fixed a crash during command line data import.

15 Nov 2018

  • Fixed export dialog preview when a skeleton has no current animation.
  • Potential fix for gray screen after fullscreen -> minimize -> restore for some Windows users.
  • Fixed headless CLI data export.

12 Nov 2018

  • Fixed pasting vertex positions with world axes selected.
  • Added toast messages for copy and paste.

12 Nov 2018

  • The selected vertex positions for mesh, path, bounding box, or clipping attachments can now be copy/pasted.
  • Another video export fix.

12 Nov 2018

  • Fixed video export not being able to create a temp file.

12 Nov 2018

  • Offset can now be used with deform, IK constraint, transform constraint, and path constraint keys.
  • Keys that don't support Offset (attachments, events, or draw order) are automatically deselected.
  • Offset is not applied if ctrl and shift (cmd and shift on Mac) are pressed to copy a key.
  • Fixed Offset not allowing multiple changes to rotation keys in some cases.
  • The Mesh Tools view now shows the soft selection brush size and feather in the viewport.
  • Less flicker when resizing the application window.
  • Fixed texture unpacking to restore stripped whitespace.
  • Fixed maximizing the application window with an auto hiding taskbar on Windows.
  • When importing a skeleton, if no attachments are visible, the first skin is made visible.
  • When creating a new region attachment for an image file, the attachment is nudged by 0.5 in each direction with an odd dimension to keep 1:1 texels:pixels when bones have integer world coordinates.

10 Nov 2018

  • Fixed crash exiting Weights bind mode.
  • Fixed crash holding alt when key Offset is used and an overview key is dragged.
  • Fixed crash after deleting an attachment in some cases.
  • Fixed crash pasting event keys after deleting the event.
  • Clicking a file icon in the file dialog now opens the browse dialog in that file's parent folder.

9 Nov 2018

  • Fixed crash duplicating when a name ends with a very large number.
  • Don't give editor focus when clicking SRTH keys.
  • Fixed mesh Scale causing two undo entries.
  • Fixed crash with old launchers trying to start the editor twice.
  • Improved rendering during resize/maximize/fullscreen/restore.
  • Keep maximized state after minimizing on Windows.
  • Fixed switching to/from Spine when fullscreen on Windows.
  • Fixed CLI exports hanging when the output folder is blank.
  • Fixed CLI data import allowing skeletons to have the same names.
  • Fixed Animations view skeletons select box.

6 Nov 2018

  • Fixed video export and exporting a file per frame.

6 Nov 2018

  • Fixed Preview not displaying correctly.
  • Added Isolate checkbox to Edit Mesh dialog.

4 Nov 2018

  • Fixed the old pose still showing after deleting keys.
  • Force a redraw after maximize/fullscreen/restore on Windows.
  • Go back to losing fullscreen when focus is lost (thread).
  • Fixed double clicking name in the viewport to rename when something else is selected in the tree.

4 Nov 2018

  • Fixed not being able to key meshes, paths, and other items.
  • Fixed undo for dopesheet keys.
  • Fixed mesh, path, bounding box, and clipping attachment world rotation.
  • Fixed export skeleton select box disappearing.
  • Fixed a number of crashes with editing meshes and deform keys.

30 Oct 2018

  • Fixed crash with Update Bindings when multiple meshes are selected.
  • Fixed crash in some case when holding shift to select bones in the Weights view.
  • Fixed a mesh, path, bounding box, or clipping attachment being corrupt after undo in some cases.

27 Oct 2018

  • Fixed issues with multiple selection in the tree.
  • Improved stability.
  • Improved export handling of hidden skeletons and skeletons and animations with export disabled.
  • Fixed crash during undo when applying the tree attachment selection to the viewport.
  • Fixed crash dragging in the Weights view when a mesh has no weights.
  • Fixed crash when clicking a region attachment with the Create tool.

27 Oct 2018

  • Fixed crash hovering a mesh in the tree in certain scenarios.
  • Improved automatic selection of attachments in the viewport based on the tree selection.
  • Fixed dopesheet showing rows during playback as if there is no selection.

26 Oct 2018

  • Many stability improvements.
  • Added Export checkbox for skins.
  • Fixed reordering constraint bones.
  • Editor receives focus after clicking a bone in the dopesheet (eg for pasting a bone transform).
  • Fixed hover of region attachments under a skin placeholder during playback.
  • Fixed clicking a region attachment in the viewport in animate mode (selects in the tree).
  • Added Dim and Triangles checkboxes to Edit Mesh.
  • Fixed key offset being applied when the Offset button is not active.
  • Fixed crash selecting multiple skin placeholders when no skin is active.
  • Improved Find and Replace list UI.
  • Fixed crash while offsetting.
  • Fixed a crash when a skeleton has no bones.

22 Oct 2018

  • Use native file chooser on OS X with latest Spine launcher.
  • Fixed export fit size when only width or height is specified.
  • Fixed open dialog layout issues.
  • Fixed key state after dopesheet jump to start/end.
  • Fixed changing playback speed causing the skeleton to jump.
  • Fixed clicking the timeline during playback when playback speed != 100%.
  • Moved range and crop controls out of preview on the export dialog.
  • Provide a default name when creating a new attachments.
  • Fixed auto key after moving a path position.
  • Fixed export dialog size for data export.
  • Fixed minimum application window size.
  • Ghosting is now drawn before or after each skeleton, not all skeletons.
  • Scrolling for the Ghosting view and collapsed by default.
  • Fixed an export crash.
  • Fixed data export having skeleton width and height as 0 if the skeleton is hidden.
  • Fixed shear Y numeric entry when auto key is active.
  • Fixed rotation numeric entry for world axes when parent bones are scaled or sheared.
  • Fixed scale numeric entry for mesh and bounding boxes not using the selected axes.
  • Added right click Open menu item and open button in titlebar for browse dialog.
  • Added checkbox to keep all attachments when deleting a skin placeholder.
  • Fixed losing fullscreen when the application window loses focus.
  • Fixed fullscreen not being the right size on secondary monitors.
  • Fixed pasting bone transforms to bones with inherited shear or rotation disabled.
  • Fixed pasting bone transforms to IK bones with a different bend direction.
  • Fixed crash when moving slots to a different skeleton using Set Parent rather than dragging.
  • Fixed draw order changing when moving slots to a different skeleton.
  • Increased dopesheet FPS limit to 1000 (to match milliseconds).
  • Timeline zoom range now scales with dopesheet FPS.
  • Fixed crash undoing a new bounding box or clipping attachment.
  • Undo system improvements for stability.
  • Fixed a path control handle getting further away when translating the other handle.
  • Offsetting now selects all keys in each timeline with a selected key.
  • Slightly wider hex color text field.
  • Fixed Edit Mesh not updating triangulation after deleting an edge.

30 Sep 2018

  • Fixed crash deleting a bone used in mesh weights.
  • Fixed mesh keys exporting as stepped.

29 Sep 2018

  • Allow setting any font size in prefs.json.
  • Fixed Preview and Ghosting not showing meshes.
  • Fixed mesh wireframes not moving during playback.
  • Fixed opening very old projects with incorrect paths.

27 Sep 2018

  • Fixed mesh editing in animate mode.
  • Fixed UI transparency rendering issues.

26 Sep 2018

  • Current frame no longer shows decimal during playback.
  • Fixed export preview size estimate for huge files.
  • Fixed crash binding a bone to a mesh.
  • Flash taskbar for longer after an export (Windows).
  • Fixed a crash when changing skins.

25 Sep 2018

  • Fixed JSON and binary export.
  • Fixed opening some older projects.

24 Sep 2018

  • Fixed setting region world rotation.
  • Duplicate for any number and type of selected items.
  • Prune now modifies the mesh as the slider is changed.
  • Added a limit to Prune for the maximum number of bone weights per vertex.
  • Fixed not scrolling to the slot when selecting an attachment in the viewport and bones and attachments are hidden in the tree.
  • Focus text box when clicking outside rename dialog.
  • Import Project can now import multiple skeletons at once.
  • The Animation and Skins views show the tree properties without scrolling the tree (right click still does).
  • Added Duplicate hotkey (ctrl + D, cmd + D on Mac).
  • Fixed rare crash when duplicating a slot.
  • Right click pan no longer stops box selection in the viewport.
  • Right click can no longer select when doing box selection in the viewport.
  • Fixed dopesheet mixing rows from different skeletons.
  • Remember Weights view mode.
  • Only show "slot is hidden" export warning for regions, meshes, and clipping attachments.
  • Added Warnings checkbox to disable warnings after JSON and binary export.

23 Sep 2018

  • Rename and delete for any number and type of selected items.
  • Select and Export setting for clipping and bounding box attachments.
  • Select and Export settings when selecting multiple attachments.
  • Set Parent when selecting multiple attachments.
  • Mesh settings when selecting multiple region or mesh attachments.
  • Fixed losing tree selection when hovering a different attachment in the tree.
  • Fixed undo and redo hotkeys happening twice.
  • Update mesh icons when unlinking a linked mesh.
  • Truncation with ellipsis when the tree properties are too narrow.
  • Fixed disabled duplicate icon.

22 Sep 2018

  • Added title bar buttons for open, save, undo, and redo.
  • Drag Open button in title bar to access recent projects.
  • Reduced memory usage, CPU usage, and project file size, especially for projects which use many deform keys on dense, weighted meshes.
  • Better project unloading before loading another, preventing memory exhausting with extremely large projects.
  • Slightly faster project loading and saving.
  • Only show audio path in animate mode if it is set.
  • Fixed IK timelines being exported with stepped curves.
  • Fixed crash when creating a new skin placeholder for an existing attachment.
  • Fixed event properties flashing when changed in animate mode.
  • Fixed sorting in the dopesheet of color, attachment, and deform timelines.
  • Fixed exports showing all applied skins.

17 Sep 2018

  • Added the Skins view to show multiple skins at the same time.
  • Added options when creating a skin placeholder for an attachment to copy to all skins, copy keys, create linked meshes, and rename the copies.
  • Added option when duplicating a skin to rename the attachments.
  • Flash taskbar on Windows when an export is complete.
  • Fixed bone Z-fighting in some cases.
  • Fixed deform keys not being removed before some actions (eg Generate) if a mesh doesn't have weights.
  • Fixed incorrect triangle lines after undoing Generate.
  • Fixed animations' Export checkboxes.
  • Fixed GIF export dithering and issues with transparency.
  • Allow dragging to change transform constraint order.
  • Fixed bones select box labels after dragging.
  • Fixed GIF playback when set to one time.
  • Fixed attachments incorrectly having a "not found" red X on their icon.
  • Fixed skins select box not showing on export dialog in some cases.
  • Fixed dopesheet not updating when a mesh's Inherit deform is changed.
  • Select default text on all dialogs.

13 Sep 2018

  • Duplicating a skin can create linked meshes.
  • Duplicating a skin can also duplicate deform keys.
  • Fixed some GIF animations not exporting.
  • APNG export improvements and optimizations.
  • Fixed project files with invalid path constraint bones.
  • Adjust relative paths when importing a project into another to keep the same images and audio paths.
  • Don't look in application working directory for relative image and audio paths.
  • Fixed crash using Set Parent to move bones to a different skeleton.
  • When choosing New > Bone with shift held, the parent bone remains selected (like it does with the Create tool).
  • Fixed crash when pasting keys if the slot or bone for the key has been deleted.

7 Sep 2018

  • Fixed balance for mono audio files.
  • Fixed export dialog not showing last background color.
  • For export, checking Others now includes names, if they are visible.
  • Fixed GIF export having a black last frame.
  • Improved GIF quality slightly.
  • Path handles are no longer considered for export bounds.

5 Sep 2018

  • Fixed audio playback after pressing last key and jump to start timeline buttons.
  • Fixed bone shear for Data Import.
  • Fixed Preview showing tint black after it is removed from a slot.
  • Fixed failure to read some MP3 files.
  • Added hold previous button to Preview.
  • Improved scrollbar graphics.
  • Added events list with colors to Audio view.
  • Fixed audio keys being drawn incorrectly in the dopesheet.
  • Added Repeat Last Texture Packer hotkey (ctrl+shift+P).
  • Fixed audio playback when changing between animations playing the same audio.
  • Fixed selecting an event marking the project as unsaved.
  • Fixed event key state after pasting into String field.
  • Added "hold previous" button to Preview view.

1 Sep 2018

  • Fixed dopesheet height.

31 Aug 2018

  • Fixed crash opening export dialog.

31 Aug 2018

  • Fixed zoom to fit and zoom 100% when interface scale > 100%.
  • Fixed losing selection when ctrl/cmd + clicking a selected attachment with the Create tool.
  • Fixed artifacts on color dialog and Slot Color view.
  • Slightly faster application start up.
  • Minor fixes for stability.
  • Added choosing an audio output device to the Audio view.
  • Weights view checkboxes now select the Weights tool instead of being disabled.
  • Fixed crash using ctrl/cmd to add different types of attachments to the same selection.
  • Fixed smart selection rules for bounding boxes, paths, clipping, and point attachments.
  • Fixed point attachments not showing as selected with the Create tool.
  • Prevent changing the horizontal scroll position when the timeline is zoomed.
  • Prevent timeline zoom to fit from zooming in an unreasonable amount when the view is wide.
  • Added volume to Audio view.
  • Thicker clipping attachment edges.
  • Allow setting colors for multiple attachments at once.
  • Increased Current/Start/End text box widths in the dopesheet.
  • Fixed orange frame number when dragging dopesheet keys when scaling a selection smaller.
  • Improved timeline zoom slider and UI padding.
  • Improved handling of tabs that are smaller than their contents.
  • Fixed bug with Combine subdirectories when packing a texture atlas.

23 Aug 2018

  • Added Compress and Uniform settings to 1-bone IK constraints.
  • Fixed data import not seeing stretch in IK timelines.
  • Greatly improved font rendering when interface scale is >100%.
  • Fixed mesh and path editing when interface scale is >100%.
  • Changed default texture packer max size to 2048.
  • Fixed texture packer progress when packing many folders.
  • Fixed crash when zooming the Audio view in some cases.
  • Fixed crash when exporting video which has audio longer than the video.
  • Detect OpenAL audio initializing correctly but not being able to start playback.
  • Fixed right clicking a track button in Preview not using that track's settings.
  • Fixed dragging bone length being able to change tree item visibility.
  • Right clicking a visibility dot now uses a single undo entry and is much faster.
  • Fixed off-by-1px problem with vertical scrolling in the Dopesheet.
  • Fixed stepped dashed line before first key not appearing for color timelines.

14 Aug 2018

  • Fixed New Animation button in Animation view not working when a skeleton has no animations.
  • Fixed saving JSON and binary projects after doing an export with texture packing.
  • Added export setting for JSON and binary to 1) pack only attachment images or each skeleton's image folder, and 2) to output a single atlas or an atlas per skeleton.
  • Fixed export dialog not remembering output path.
  • Fixed Preview changing animations when a different track is selected.
  • Fixed Spine launcher (3.7.28) not running on some Windows computers.

13 Aug 2018

  • Better consideration of bones when calculating skeleton bounds.
  • Various Spine launcher improvements (3.7.27).
  • Fixed audio being shorter than video, causing a desync when looping in some players.
  • Prevent losing the selection when dragging on a region attachment in animate mode.
  • Fixed video + audio exports with a range.
  • Improved export progress indicator.
  • Fixed crash during texture packing.
  • Show dialog instead of crashing if texture atlas unpacking fails.
  • Fixed binary export not writing stretchy IK boolean for IK timeline keys.

11 Aug 2018

  • Pad setting for export Size: Fit.
  • Fixed loading range and crop export settings (from JSON and last exported).
  • Fixed various export dialog bugs.
  • Remove extension when choosing the wrong export file type.
  • Added hotkey to open a project, bypassing the favorites dialog (ctrl+shift+O, cmd+shift+O on Mac).
  • New Spine launcher, 3.7.23 (requires manual download and reinstall). Improves overall performance, highly recommended.
  • Fixed resampling when exporting video with audio (requires new launcher).

7 Aug 2018

  • Fixed crash double clicking an attachment while holding ctrl with the Create tool.
  • Fixed export Size: Fit.
  • Minor export improvements.
  • Fixed some occasional crashes.

7 Aug 2018

  • New, powerful image and video export with preview, cropping for cutscenes and cartooning, and more.
  • Advanced, high quality GIF export settings.
  • Added APNG and PSD export.
  • Added skeleton and animation Export checkboxes.
  • Added an animation clean up option for JSON and binary export.
  • Added a Stretch checkbox to IK constraints.
  • AVI and MOV now support audio.
  • Create tool is no longer limited to selecting only one bone.
  • Fixed crash doing CLI animation clean up for some projects.
  • Fixed rare Create tool crashes.
  • Increased pose tool rotation speed when only one bone is selected.
  • Fixed icon select box crash on mouse down.
  • Fixed the key selection state when a dopesheet row is collapsed.
  • Fixed launcher progress bar (3.7.19).
  • Fixed multiple "Export complete" toasts when exporting all animations.
  • Enabled panning in Preview view with left click.
  • Fixed bug where Pan Drag (J) would activate without pressing the mouse.
  • Fixed drag indicator being drawn over tree expand/collapse icon when bones are hidden in the tree.
  • Fixed transform constraint Match rotation offset.
  • Fixed zoom after New project.
  • Added Mesh Tools view tooltips.
  • Export bounds now respect clipping.
  • Removed MSAA setting (antialiasing is always used).
  • PNG sRGB and gAMA chunks are respected.
  • Added Divisible by 4 setting to the texture packer.
  • Clicking in a blank space in the dopesheet now stops playback (timeline doesn't).
  • Fixed checkers showing very faintly in color dialog with 255 alpha.
  • Fixed texture packing progress bar when there are multiple skeletons.
  • Added a setting for backface culling.

27 Jun 2018

  • Fixes from 3.6.53 (important stability fixes).
  • Improved dopesheet performance for projects with 15k+ keys per animation.
  • Fixed crash clicking Browse for a folder on Import Data dialog.
  • Fixed CLI exports not writing files.

25 Jun 2018

  • Using tab to select the next text field now always selects all the text.
  • Fixed hang after CLI data export.
  • Fixed launcher not recognizing some parameters (new launcher version is 3.7.18).

15 May 2018

  • Updated Italian translations.
  • Print warnings when loading projects for the CLI.
  • CLI animation clean up can take a folder of project files.
  • CLI export can now take a folder of project, JSON, or binary files.
  • Added CLI parameters to import a project, JSON, or binary file or folder into a project.
  • Zero padding on filenames when exporting PNG or JPG sequences.
  • Fixed texture packer padding causing images to be too large.
  • Fixed JSON pretty print running out of memory with large (15MB+) JSON files.

8 May 2018

  • Smoother launcher progress bar.
  • Fixed undo when clicking Auto in the Weights view.
  • Fixed Zoom 100% not resulting in 1:1 pixel zoom in some situations.
  • Fixed path tangent dashed line scaling.
  • Fixed paths breaking when handles are moved.
  • Reversing keys using box select now also reverse the curves.
  • Improved blurry graph handles.
  • Fixed CLI JSON or binary export when Create atlas is checked.
  • Added CLI parameter for showing project information.
  • Tooltips for bone transform inherit properties.
  • Fixed Preview track buttons staying orange after loading a new project.
  • Unload images and audio for hidden skeletons.
  • Improved dopesheet tick spacing for various font sizes.
  • Prevent tree spacing from changing before restart when font size is changed.
  • Fixed path fixed position, fixed spacing, and percent spacing when the path bone is scaled.
  • Drag indicators in for constraints and draw order tree nodes.
  • Use 0 if GIF repeat is set to blank.
  • Fixed blurry dashed triangle line for Edit Mesh.
  • Fixed adding the same bone multiple times to a path or transform constraint.
  • Fixed Key Shift when moving white keys.
  • Dopesheet no longer shows white keys in the first row as selected unless all keys are selected for the frame.
  • Allow right mouse button to pan Audio view waveform.
  • Fixed tab focus for modal dialogs.
  • Fixed favorites file dialog staying open.
  • Favorites file dialog is not shown if it contains only the current entry.
  • Fixed texture packing when max size== image size, padding > 0, and edge padding == 0

11 Apr 2018

  • AVI export now includes audio.
  • Updated Italian translations.
  • Fixed slot select box in existing slot dialog.
  • Fixed distance required to start dragging vertices when zoomed in.
  • Fixed a hang and some bugs when a mesh, clipping attachment, etc has zero scale.
  • Slot Color view no longer shows color chooser when no slots are selected.
  • Fixed being able to change 2-bone IK to have a bone with disable inherit rotation or scale.
  • Fixed crash when using clipping with many thousands of vertices.
  • Key Color hotkey works when a bone is selected, if the bone has a single slot.
  • Key Color hotkey works on multiple slots (and bones with one slot).
  • New -> Bone now creates at the new bone at the parent bone's tip (convenient for creating an IK target).
  • The stepped transition from the setup pose to the first key is indicated with a dashed line.
  • Increased decimal places on main toolbar for translation values >= 10 and < 1000.
  • Dopesheet row sorting keeps slot color, attach, and deform timelines together.
  • When a project has multiple skeletons, after deselection the dopesheet shows keys for all skeletons instead of none.
  • When texture packing using combineSubdirectories, any subdirectory containing a pack.json file will not be combined.
  • Fixed export JSON "class" field.

15 Mar 2018

  • Export mesh with linked meshes even if Export is unchecked.
  • Fixed load/save dialog titles on texture packer settings dialog.
  • Always change the skeleton name when choosing a JSON file for Data Import.
  • Allow specifying a folder of JSON or binary files for Data Import.
  • Remember last settings for Data Import.
  • On Windows, open Data Import when dropping a folder containing JSON or binary files on the Spine window.
  • Improved Edit Mesh triangle line rendering and colors/dimming.
  • Added a Viewport pixel grid scaling setting for pixel art skeletons.

4 Mar 2018

  • When hiding a bone, the bone's keys are hidden in the dopesheet when otherwise all keys would be shown.
  • Fixed crash when creating new path if clicking twice in the same position.
  • Edit Mesh hotkey now changes a region attachment into a mesh.
  • Added a tree indentation setting and increased default.

4 Feb 2018

  • New Animation hotkey fixed.
  • Fixed crash setting up views for the first time.

3 Feb 2018

  • Fixed out of memory error when exporting.

3 Feb 2018

  • Updated German translations.
  • Added out of memory dialog during export.
  • Fixes from 3.6.52.

26 Jan 2018

  • Fixes from 3.6.51.
  • Fixed slots not having tint black after data import.
  • Added dashed lines for arrows and other lines.
  • Fixed alpha for motion vector colors.
  • Warning when trying to move vertices outside the hull when Deformed is checked.
  • Allow bone scale setting up to 8.
  • Improved zooming and panning with larger bone scales.

24 Nov 2017

  • Added motion vector options to Ghosting view.
  • Fixed crash converting recent files from prefs.json to recent.json.
  • Fixed crash saving texture packer settings.
  • Fixes from 3.6.48.
  • Disallow .png as a texture atlas file extension.

2 Nov 2017

  • Normalize waveform in Audio view to take up full height.
  • Prettier Audio view waveforms.
  • Fixed playback speed when no audio is playing.
  • New Preview additive and remove icons.
  • Fixes from 3.6.47.
  • Added Resample setting to texture packer scales.

28 Oct 2017

  • Fixed image and audio file watching.
  • Fixed animate mode tooltip always showing at startup.
  • Added icon overlays for mesh attachments, region attachments, image files, audio events, and audio files when the image or audio file is missing.
  • Added visibility dot to events to disable playing audio and showing the event name in the viewport.
  • Fixed transform constraint match shear offset.
  • Fixed transform constraint match when local is checked.
  • Added Audio view to show audio waveforms.
  • Fixed timeline frame number color when setting loop.
  • Cleaner shutdown of audio system.
  • Fixed exporting skeletons with names that are invalid for the file system.
  • Allow dragging audio file to Events node to create a new audio event.
  • Fixed undo for moving audio event keys.
  • Fixed warble while dragging after moving audio event keys.
  • Increased initial width of the Preview view.
  • Added an "additive" mode to tracks > 0 in the Preview view for morphing and combining animations in new ways.
  • Fixed headless export crash.
  • Delete JSON/binary file before exporting to reflect case change in skeleton name on Windows.

20 Oct 2017

  • Fixes from 3.6.46.

5 Oct 2017

  • Fixes from 3.6.42.

22 Sep 2017

  • Fixes from 3.6.41.
  • Moved recent files and view layouts out of the preferences JSON to separate files.

6 Sep 2017

  • Merged fixes and improvements from 3.6.

27 Jun 2017

  • Fixed message about audio files not being loaded.
  • Fixed audio warbling when scrubbing, especially for small files.
  • Fixed decoding some OGG audio files.

27 Jun 2017

  • Added audio support.
  • Fixed keys disappearing at the left edge of the dopesheet when the timeline is zoomed out.

Older Releases

The changelog for older releases can be found in the changelog archive.