spine-phaser runtime released

June 30th, 2023


We're happy to announce the general availability of our brand new spine-phaser runtime.

Phaser has been one of the most beloved Web game engines for many years now. While Richard Davey and his team of OSS contributors created their own Phaser Spine Plugin, the Phaser team has many other duties. After discussion with Richard, we agreed that creating and maintaining an official Spine runtime for Phaser would be the most beneficial for both the Spine and Phaser communities -- that is what we are releasing today!

Here's a minimal example. Click the JS tab to see the code:

See the Pen Untitled by Mario Zechner (@badlogicgames) on CodePen.

If you are a seasoned Phaser developer who's used the Phaser Spine Plugin, you'll find a few differences with our official spine-phaser runtime. spine-phaser supports both JSON and binary skeleton data files. It also separates loading of skeleton and atlas data, allowing you to reuse the same atlas for multiple skeletons, improving performance.

Another benefit to using the official spine-phaser runtime is that we guarantee timely updates and bug fixes in lock step with our Spine Editor releases. And for Davey and team, we can take away some of their burden, which will free them up to spend more time on Phaser itself.

To learn more, check out our spine-phaser documentation and have a look at the example code. We've ported many of the original Phaser Spine Plugin samples to our official runtime, which should make switching to the official runtime an easy endeavor.

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